#119 - "Dawkson's Cave"

The gang hasn't done enough caving yet, apparently, and Dead Palette, Allen, Slimebeast and ClericofMadness don't want to wait for our lives to be over... or for David to get back. They forge ahead and find a skeleton - not a figurative story structure idea, a literal skeleton. Will it prove to be a spooky scary one, or is it so misunderstood?

"Dawkson's Cave" is credited to Velvet Rose

#104 - "Existence"

This is not the whole title, but you'll hear it brought up in the story. David, Dead Palette and Slimebeast wonder why Liam Vickers was so concerned about having his name in the title. Maybe it's because it wouldn't catch their eye otherwise? Who knows. Either way, this Patron's Poison should be interesting regardless... right?

"Existence" is credited to, unsurprisingly, Liam Vickers.

#103 - Short and Shivery 12

Once again, it's an exchange of shorter stories with David, Dead Palette, Allen and Slimebeast. There's no real interconnecting theme between these two, other than that they might both be entertaining and bizarre reads.

"Remember, Dogs Are For Life And Not Just For Christmas" is credited to pross40745.
"Fractalvore" is credited to Chiropto Necrolis.

#100 - "Jeff the Killer 2015" Part 1

The centennial episode of this podcast requires a watershed Creepypasta, and who better to represent the best of the worst IconPasta has to offer than our old friend Jeff? This time, however, the Welcome Committee is looking at an attempt at retelling Jeff's origin in a more serious fashion, one voted the best of many by popular vote. Is it possible to salvage a character like Jeff, or will any attempts at revision be buried under the gang's constant callbacks to old UCA memes?

"Jeff the Killer 2015" is credited to K. Banning Kellum.

#74 - Jane the Killer

Oh! Here comes the Welcome Committee to plunge headfirst into the ridiculous lore behind Jeff the Killer's Ms. Male Character, Jane the Killer. There's no doubt David, Dead Palette, Allen, Kaela and Slimebeast are in for something stupid, but even they cannot anticipate just how strangely entertaining the whole thing is...

"Jane's Letter (AKA Jane the Killer)" is credited to AngryDogDesigns; "Jane the Killer: The Real Story" is uncredited on the source we found it. Read them along with both here.

#43 - "Clockwork: Your Time Is UP"

David takes some time off from Happy Appy to read a story with Kaela and Slimebeast, but it seems there will be no relief in sight as they read another "icon" story about a girl with a tragic past and an even more tragic present as a murderer. Is the real tragedy that this is just another Jeff the Killer wannabe? Only time will tell...

"Clockwork: Your Time Is Up" can be read along with here.

#26 - "The Man with the Cane"

Kaela once again takes over the show to chase the mystery started in David's "Grad Night in the Haunted Mansion" from Disneyland to Walt Disney World, aided by Nick Barbera and now joined by Slimebeast. Does this sequel hold a candle to the original, or is it easily snuffed by ponderous prose?

"The Man with the Cane" was written by David King. You can read along here.

#25 - "Ronald McDonald House"

Frequent requests for this particular Creepypasta have forced David, Dead Palette, Slimebeast and Nick Nocturne to put on their health and safety badges and perform an inspection. Will fast food clowns manage to terrify, or does this have "stinkburger" written all over it? Ba da ba ba baaa~

"Ronald McDonald House" was written by Dkingsbury. You can read along here.

#9 - "Room Zero" (Benview on Slimebeast Pt. 2)

Having survived the horrors of Mowgli's Palace in "Abandoned By Disney," Matt Benson, Andrew Linde (Nerds Eye View; Shut Up Leonard) and David take a spin on the follow-up story, where dark secrets lurk below Walt Disney World itself. Will they uncover fresh horrors, or stale terrors?

"Room Zero" is written by Slimebeast. You can read this and other works of his here.