Just Plain Weird

#180 - Sunshine Biscuit Division

You're about to get more than you bargained for as Dead Palette, Chelsea and Travis become the Sunshine Biscuit Division. They rise and shine the light of day on a lost scene of "Saved By The Bell" and a haunted copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

#179 - "Tall, Thin and Faceless"

David has an in-person read with Ben Paddon for a story about the infamous Slenderman, police incompetence and apparent narcolepsy. Will this be a narrative reaffirming Slenderman's context as mysterious figure, or will it trip over its own tentacles?

Credited to HarbleMornets. Read along here.

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#174 - Tales from the Abuse with ClericofMadness

An episode from our archives, considered for a new segment of the show but never followed through on... until now. David, Dead Palette and Allen are given several short stories by ClericofMadness from Creepypasta Wiki's Content Abuse Log: stories that are automatically blocked due to cliches, overused tropes and just plain clumsiness.

#164 - PAW Patrol Creepypasta Wiki

Allen is sick, putting Borrasca on hold for a little bit, so join David, Dead Palette, Kaela and Mike MacDee for a paw-fully good time diving into yet another weird little pocket of the internet. What will they find on a Creepypasta Wiki meant only for stories related to a kids show they've never seen?

"The Road To The End" is credited to SilverCestor789.
"Evil Patrol" is credited to Chase787.

#144 - "Pretend" (with Ben Paddon)

David, Dead Palette and Allen are joined by Midnight Marinara VO alumni and snappy dresser (which is important for a podcast) Ben Paddon for this look into a highly-rated story from Creepypasta.com. Is it all it's cracked up to be, or are people just pretending to like it?

Credited to redbullreptar.

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#104 - "Existence"

This is not the whole title, but you'll hear it brought up in the story. David, Dead Palette and Slimebeast wonder why Liam Vickers was so concerned about having his name in the title. Maybe it's because it wouldn't catch their eye otherwise? Who knows. Either way, this Patron's Poison should be interesting regardless... right?

"Existence" is credited to, unsurprisingly, Liam Vickers.

#73 - "Sombrero Wearing Dinosaur"

It's a creature feature on this episode as David and Kaela meet dinosaur-enthusiast Prasokour to read this confusing story of a boy(?) and his imaginary friend(?). Is there anything deeper to this oddball tale, or is it just a hodgepodge of random?

"Sombrero Wearing Dinosaur" is credited to The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0. Read along here.