Lost Episodes

#180 - Sunshine Biscuit Division

You're about to get more than you bargained for as Dead Palette, Chelsea and Travis become the Sunshine Biscuit Division. They rise and shine the light of day on a lost scene of "Saved By The Bell" and a haunted copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

#82 - Short and Shivery 10

Yo listen up, here's the story: David, Dead Palette and Allen read a pair of short stories with the only interconnection being a color. It's Eiffel 65 vs. Blue's Clues Creepypasta, so the stage is set for mediocrity... or is it?

"I'm Blue" is credited to Extramrdo. "Blues Clue's Where's Blue?" is unknown, but found through THE-ONE-WHO-CARED.

#22 - "Listers Rache" (with Frosted Mini Fears)

The shadowy world of silent cinema opens when David teams with the Frosted Mini Fears gang (Chad Garcia, Phil Spruner and Efren Aguliera) to screen the lost tale of Listers Rache. Is the story behind this series of eerie motion pictures a proper haunted projection on the mind, or would it have been best left on the cutting room floor?

"Listers Rache" is written by Lucretius. Read it here.

#16 - "1999" Postscript Discussion

It took a bit, but David and Dead Palette have recovered enough from 1999's blatant plagiarism to discuss it, but they're not alone! Special guest Nick Nocturne of Night Mind joins them to talk Creepypasta, alantutorial and the art of storytelling.

Check out alantutorial for further context, or watch Night Mind's explanation video.

#14 - "1999" Finale

Finale? Is the story over? It is for David and Dead Palette after they stumble across something in the most recent update to 1999 - something so bizarre that it changes their opinion about the entire story thus far.

Story itself begins at 41:04; the passage that changes everything starts at 1:36:52, although we encourage you to listen to the whole thing for context.

Check out alantutorial for further context.
The work of creepotales: http://creepotales.tumblr.com/

#10 - "1999" Part 1

The start of a long journey back in time begins, as David and Dead Palette return to a year when Pokemon was king, Y2K was looming and a man in a bear costume reached out to children from Caledon Local 21. What will they uncover as they delve into this popular, ongoing narrative?

"1999" is written by Giant engineer. You can read the original here.