Kaela Berry

#182 - "DoorlessChambers.com Forums"

It's been a long time coming, but Kaela assumes control again as she and Nick Barbera return to the mythos started in David's "Grad Night in the Haunted Mansion" and continued in "The Man with the Cane." What seems to be an innocuous archive of a Disney forum discussion may hide a deeper story, but is it worth digging through, or has David worn the idea into the ground? Do not pull down on the safety bar, please: we will lower it for you.

"DoorlessChambers.com Forums" was written by David King. Read along here.

#165 - "A Tear in the Wallpaper"

David and Kaela kind of feel like it's the first episode all over again, except it's definitely not since they're not reading "Laughing Jack" but a story about wallpaper and obsession. No, not the Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story that's also about wallpaper and obsession. Just... Just give it a listen.

"A Tear in the Wallpaper" is credited to Umbrello. Rad along here.

#164 - PAW Patrol Creepypasta Wiki

Allen is sick, putting Borrasca on hold for a little bit, so join David, Dead Palette, Kaela and Mike MacDee for a paw-fully good time diving into yet another weird little pocket of the internet. What will they find on a Creepypasta Wiki meant only for stories related to a kids show they've never seen?

"The Road To The End" is credited to SilverCestor789.
"Evil Patrol" is credited to Chase787.

#158 - SCP Roundup 6

Nothing is secure, contained or protected from us at the Foundation, and David and Kaela have once again escaped with their lives and a handful of SCPs to discuss. They're joined live by Abysmii and Papreeka of Raygun Readers, as well as new faces Lex Reckless and Ben Waxler to determine the validity of these archives.

All of the entries read can be found on the SCP Foundation website: http://www.scp-wiki.net/
SCP-1867 - "A Gentleman" was archived by Djoric.
SCP-503-ARC - "The Infinite Pasta Pot" was archived by thedeadlymoose.
SCP-1247 - "LaBeouf Viewer" was archived by ksaid.

#151 - "I Found A Box" Story

It's back to basics as David and Kaela go out on their own to read a NoSleep story that became an Easter Egg in the free-to-play visual novel "Doki-Doki Literature Club." And that's just the background, where the story itself follows a college student with murder on her mind. Will it's overlong NoSleep title drive our pair away before it begins, or will perseverance prove to find a hidden gem?

"I found a small box hidden in a mall that contains the recollection of a 19-year-old girl who decided to kill someone just to see what it's like" (hoo boy) is credited to Dan Salvato.

#147 - "Mrs. Willison's Homemade Jam"

If you're hungry, this should fix your apatite for awhile. David, Kaela and returning guest Rachel Hanson imbibe this poisonous package of a story of a boy and his love of a very special kind of jam. Will this be the kind of story you'll want spread on everything, or is it best left in the cupboard with the other preserves?

"Mrs. Willison's Homemade Jam" is credited to FamilialDichotomy.

#134 - SCP Roundup 5

Something seems to be wrong with Dead Palette, and David, Allen and Kaela suspect it might have something to do with their return to the SCP Foundation to investigate another collection of unusual and potentially-dangerous materials. What horrors/wonders will they find this time?

All of the entries read can be found on the SCP Foundation website: http://www.scp-wiki.net/
SCP-297 - "Steely Dan" was archived by DrClef.
SCP-946 - "A Formal Discussion" was archived by Emissary666 and PureQuestion.
SCP-537 - "Singing Gramophone" was archived by Achalk.
SCP-043 - "The White Album" was initially archived by xthevilecorruptor.

Undercooked Extra - LIVE at Midsummer Scream 2017

The cast and crew of Midnight Marinara/Undercooked Analysis represent both shows at the Midsummer Scream Halloween Convention. Join them for three short audio dramas and one hilarious cold read...

Featuring David King, Kaela Berry, Dead Palette, Allen Chaney, Matt Holley and Abysmii.

Recorded July 30th, 2017 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

#116 - "Dumb Angel" Part 1

We promised it, and it happened: here begins the sordid account of how nine people got together with drinks and began to read the gargantuan sequel to Happy Appy. Join David, Kaela, Dead Palette, Allen, Seid, C.F. Comer, Abysmii, Papreeka and Prasokour as we return to Dronian's opus world of Gerasim and Forenzik's eternal struggle.

"Dumb Angel" is credited to Dronian.

#106 - Short and Shivery 13

It's always a good thing when we reach that unlucky number, and in this episode, the gang are gifted a pair of stories by the author himself and asked to critique them. Will said author regret this, or will our readers be pleasantly surprised?

"Amazon Ultra" and "The Journey Home" were both written and submitted by Simon Stechler.

Come see us at Midsummer Scream July 29-30th at the Long Beach Convention Center! http://midsummerscream.org/

#100 - "Jeff the Killer 2015" Part 1

The centennial episode of this podcast requires a watershed Creepypasta, and who better to represent the best of the worst IconPasta has to offer than our old friend Jeff? This time, however, the Welcome Committee is looking at an attempt at retelling Jeff's origin in a more serious fashion, one voted the best of many by popular vote. Is it possible to salvage a character like Jeff, or will any attempts at revision be buried under the gang's constant callbacks to old UCA memes?

"Jeff the Killer 2015" is credited to K. Banning Kellum.

#97 - "Newly Single: A HuniePop Creepypasta"

David and Kaela take this one to their friends Angi Viper and Shawn Bean, where drinking and banter ensues. Somewhere in there, however, they find the time to read a eerie account of a bizarre version of the puzzle/dating game HuniePop and the tangle of drama surrounding the player. Will this warrant a second date, or will the gang find their Munie wasted?

"Newly Single: A HuniePop Creepypasta" is credited to Urkel.

#96 - "The Crawling House on Black Pond Road" (with Animal Fact Files)

Eli and Kylie of Animal Fact Files/Cinema Nippon return and join David, Dead Palette and Kaela in a story that may make more than your skin crawl. If bugs bug you, then this will be a special kind of horror, but will it succeed in being creepy, or can it be stopped dead with a quick spritz of analysis?

"The Crawling House on Black Pond Road" is credited to William Dalphin.

Check out the upcoming Darkly Lit Podcast at http://www.witchinghourpodcast.com/darklylit/

#84 - "Mystery Science Theater 3000: Limbo"

We got pasta sign! David, Kaela and Allen are all giant geeks when it comes to Mystery Science Theater 3000, so naturally this would lead to them reading a theory-based Creepypasta based on the show's mythos. Will they be able to quit bantering long enough to get through what could ultimately be a forgettable story?

"Mystery Science Theater 3000: Limbo" is credited to WayWardWanderer.

#74 - Jane the Killer

Oh! Here comes the Welcome Committee to plunge headfirst into the ridiculous lore behind Jeff the Killer's Ms. Male Character, Jane the Killer. There's no doubt David, Dead Palette, Allen, Kaela and Slimebeast are in for something stupid, but even they cannot anticipate just how strangely entertaining the whole thing is...

"Jane's Letter (AKA Jane the Killer)" is credited to AngryDogDesigns; "Jane the Killer: The Real Story" is uncredited on the source we found it. Read them along with both here.