#116 - "Dumb Angel" Part 1

We promised it, and it happened: here begins the sordid account of how nine people got together with drinks and began to read the gargantuan sequel to Happy Appy. Join David, Kaela, Dead Palette, Allen, Seid, C.F. Comer, Abysmii, Papreeka and Prasokour as we return to Dronian's opus world of Gerasim and Forenzik's eternal struggle.

"Dumb Angel" is credited to Dronian.

#73 - "Sombrero Wearing Dinosaur"

It's a creature feature on this episode as David and Kaela meet dinosaur-enthusiast Prasokour to read this confusing story of a boy(?) and his imaginary friend(?). Is there anything deeper to this oddball tale, or is it just a hodgepodge of random?

"Sombrero Wearing Dinosaur" is credited to The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0. Read along here.