#96 - "The Crawling House on Black Pond Road" (with Animal Fact Files)

Eli and Kylie of Animal Fact Files/Cinema Nippon return and join David, Dead Palette and Kaela in a story that may make more than your skin crawl. If bugs bug you, then this will be a special kind of horror, but will it succeed in being creepy, or can it be stopped dead with a quick spritz of analysis?

"The Crawling House on Black Pond Road" is credited to William Dalphin.

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#95 - Short and Shivery 11 (with Cinema Nippon)

It's a Japan triple-threat on this edition of Short and Shivery as David and Dead Palette team up with the folks behind Cinema Nippon to tackle more short horror from the land of the rising sun, including a ghost story about a mirror and complete and utter weeb trash that Dead Palette managed to find (naturally).

"Japanese Ghost Story: Nana-Chan" is credited to Shishou_TheMaster. "Naruto: Lost Episode" and "Madara Uchiha's Eyes" are both unknown, but were found through Rhea.

#93 - "The Soul Game"

David and special guest T.J. Dasch - from Midnight Marinara's productions of "Candle Cove," "The Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas" and "The Song and Dance Man" - take account of a NoSleep story of a single mother's worry about her son's strange behavior. It seems he's been introduced to a new game at school; a very strange game...

"The Soul Game" is credited to Bloodworth.

#84 - "Mystery Science Theater 3000: Limbo"

We got pasta sign! David, Kaela and Allen are all giant geeks when it comes to Mystery Science Theater 3000, so naturally this would lead to them reading a theory-based Creepypasta based on the show's mythos. Will they be able to quit bantering long enough to get through what could ultimately be a forgettable story?

"Mystery Science Theater 3000: Limbo" is credited to WayWardWanderer.

#83 - "Forenzik" Part 1

Who is the man behind the gas mask? David, Dead Palette and Allen aim to find out when they return to the Happy Appy Cinematic Universe (HACU) and begin reading the extensive backstory of Fredderick Gorgote, aka "Forenzik" (aka Shaquille O'Neal?). What fresh apple-scented Hell will Dronian subject them to this time?

"Forenzik/The Forenzik Journals" is credited to Dronian.

Thumbnail art by Nikita Kaur. Check out his work and commission info at http://nickkaur.deviantart.com/

#82 - Short and Shivery 10

Yo listen up, here's the story: David, Dead Palette and Allen read a pair of short stories with the only interconnection being a color. It's Eiffel 65 vs. Blue's Clues Creepypasta, so the stage is set for mediocrity... or is it?

"I'm Blue" is credited to Extramrdo. "Blues Clue's Where's Blue?" is unknown, but found through THE-ONE-WHO-CARED.

#81 - "The Suicide of Steven Alligan"

David offers his co-hosts a C.K. Walker short story to whet their appetites for more of the author's work down the line, but this is one none of them have read before. Will it be intriguing enough to Dead Palette and Allen that it will pave the way for the infamous "Borrasca?" And, more importantly, what's their opinion on Pop-Tarts vs. Toaster Strudel?