#128 - Short and Shivery 16

Like a bad horror movie sequel, Short and Shivery has yet another iteration as David and Dead Palette first inspect a story about a monster, and then imbibe Patron's Poison with a user-written story. Sometimes it's nice to keep things simple.

"The Pocket" is author unknown; "Why Walk-In Freezers Can't Be Opened From The Inside" was written by Sir Alvhem/Andreas Lindgren.

#123 - "Dumb Angel" Part 3

Is there any real point to writing a description for these anymore? It's Dumb Ange. It's David, Dead Palette and Allen being amused and/or baffled by the antics of Gerasim and the even more absurd antics of Forenzik and his Followers. There's no rhyme or reason to any of it. Trollpasta or no, the mission continues...

"Dumb Angel" is credited to Dronian.

#122 - "Mario is a Monster"

Don't worry, Emily will refrain from yelling in this one as she, David and Andrew return for another look at the works of Slimebeast. This time, it's a Super Mario theorypasta with a twist, but is it... just a theory?

"Mario is a Monster" is written by Slimebeast

BONUS! The extra episode is available via Patreon for free. Give it a listen here.

#120 - Short and Shivery 15 (with Jenny Nicholson)

If there's one thing David considers a guilty pleasure, it's pulling apart Disney Creepypasta, and this time around he's joined by special guest and fellow theme-park enthusiast Jenny Nicholson for some dark Disney. There's no fastpasses for terror in either of these stories, but perhaps there's a surprise or two in store...

"Disney's Catacombs" is credited to Horrorfan 664; "Club 33: A Dark Secret" is author unknown.

#119 - "Dawkson's Cave"

The gang hasn't done enough caving yet, apparently, and Dead Palette, Allen, Slimebeast and ClericofMadness don't want to wait for our lives to be over... or for David to get back. They forge ahead and find a skeleton - not a figurative story structure idea, a literal skeleton. Will it prove to be a spooky scary one, or is it so misunderstood?

"Dawkson's Cave" is credited to Velvet Rose

#117 - "Pokemon Pinwheel Village"

David and Dead Palette take a look at this Patron's Poison with the help of special guest ClericofMadness, the founder of Creeypasta Wiki. PokePasta is a fairly cut-and-dried format that has never been that effective, but will this entry find a way to surprise our panel of critics, or will is it just spinning its pinwheels?

"Pokemon Pinwheel Village" is credited to NotSoCrazyAfterAll.

#116 - "Dumb Angel" Part 1

We promised it, and it happened: here begins the sordid account of how nine people got together with drinks and began to read the gargantuan sequel to Happy Appy. Join David, Kaela, Dead Palette, Allen, Seid, C.F. Comer, Abysmii, Papreeka and Prasokour as we return to Dronian's opus world of Gerasim and Forenzik's eternal struggle.

"Dumb Angel" is credited to Dronian.

#114 - Short and Shivery 14

The mysteries of the sea factor heavily into this edition of Short and Shivery as David, Dead Palette, Allen and SoberDwarf break away from the video game stories and take a swan-dive into the unknown depths. Will these oceanic tales yield terror or dread, or do they still flounder in the kiddie pool?

"Oceanic Absurdity: An Account of Nautical Horror" is credited to Bryce Simmons; "The Pill" is credited to A Wanderer.

#112 - "The Cosmic Destroyer"

No one seems to think of the impact their actions will have on future generations, not even the crew of this episode, as you'll soon hear. With SoberDwarf in tow they read an Earthbound story that seems to be an in-universe account: a prequel, perhaps? Regardless, things get a little weird, but not because of the story...

"The Cosmic Destroyer" is credited to TheCosmicDestroyer (naturally).

#110 - "Dark Souls: The Pardoner of Velka"

SoberDwarf returns to help David and Dead Palette with his knowledge of Dark Souls, because they're going to need it when reading this story that was, apparently, written for people in the know about it. Will it surprise everyone, or - like most haunted game pasta - will it fall flat?

"Dark Souls: The Pardoner of Velka." is uncredited.