#112 - "The Cosmic Destroyer"

No one seems to think of the impact their actions will have on future generations, not even the crew of this episode, as you'll soon hear. With SoberDwarf in tow they read an Earthbound story that seems to be an in-universe account: a prequel, perhaps? Regardless, things get a little weird, but not because of the story...

"The Cosmic Destroyer" is credited to TheCosmicDestroyer (naturally).

#110 - "Dark Souls: The Pardoner of Velka"

SoberDwarf returns to help David and Dead Palette with his knowledge of Dark Souls, because they're going to need it when reading this story that was, apparently, written for people in the know about it. Will it surprise everyone, or - like most haunted game pasta - will it fall flat?

"Dark Souls: The Pardoner of Velka." is uncredited.

#108 - LSD: Dream Emulator Stories

How do you make a haunted game story out of a game that's already trippy, surreal and full of cryptic imagery? "Badly" is the assumption David, Dead Palette and Allen have coming into this episode. Do hyper-realistic blood and the Gray Man being real pop up as expected, or will they be pleasantly surprised by either or both of these pastas?

"The Gray Man" is credited to Palmshark; "LSD: Dream Emulator" is uncredited.

#106 - Short and Shivery 13

It's always a good thing when we reach that unlucky number, and in this episode, the gang are gifted a pair of stories by the author himself and asked to critique them. Will said author regret this, or will our readers be pleasantly surprised?

"Amazon Ultra" and "The Journey Home" were both written and submitted by Simon Stechler.

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#105 - "XoRax"

David and Dead Palette are your dynamic duo this episode, and may have discovered the only hope for humanity in this story of a pandemic disease with an unusual name. Although the twist was spoiled for them at the beginning, but it doesn't have to be spoiled for you if you read it first, listeners!

"XoRax" was initially posted on /x/ and its author is unknown. Read along here: https://midnightmarinara.tumblr.com/post/162320878270/xorax-spoiler-free

#104 - "Existence"

This is not the whole title, but you'll hear it brought up in the story. David, Dead Palette and Slimebeast wonder why Liam Vickers was so concerned about having his name in the title. Maybe it's because it wouldn't catch their eye otherwise? Who knows. Either way, this Patron's Poison should be interesting regardless... right?

"Existence" is credited to, unsurprisingly, Liam Vickers.

#103 - Short and Shivery 12

Once again, it's an exchange of shorter stories with David, Dead Palette, Allen and Slimebeast. There's no real interconnecting theme between these two, other than that they might both be entertaining and bizarre reads.

"Remember, Dogs Are For Life And Not Just For Christmas" is credited to pross40745.
"Fractalvore" is credited to Chiropto Necrolis.

#102 - Jeff Stories

With Jeff's reboot firmly behind them, the gang is surely done with the character for good, right? Nope. David, Dead Palette and Allen all have their own Jeff the Killer rewrites to share, and none of them should be taken seriously.

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#100 - "Jeff the Killer 2015" Part 1

The centennial episode of this podcast requires a watershed Creepypasta, and who better to represent the best of the worst IconPasta has to offer than our old friend Jeff? This time, however, the Welcome Committee is looking at an attempt at retelling Jeff's origin in a more serious fashion, one voted the best of many by popular vote. Is it possible to salvage a character like Jeff, or will any attempts at revision be buried under the gang's constant callbacks to old UCA memes?

"Jeff the Killer 2015" is credited to K. Banning Kellum.

#98 - "The Chanting in the Woods" Part 1

An eerie sound brings David, Dead Palette and Allen out into the woods at night: a song by Florida Georgia Line? Well, not exactly, but you're going to hear a lot of references to that in this Patrons Poison, where a child inadvertently stirs up something unsettling in the forest behind his home.

"The Chanting in the Woods" is credited to Sargumphigaus.

#97 - "Newly Single: A HuniePop Creepypasta"

David and Kaela take this one to their friends Angi Viper and Shawn Bean, where drinking and banter ensues. Somewhere in there, however, they find the time to read a eerie account of a bizarre version of the puzzle/dating game HuniePop and the tangle of drama surrounding the player. Will this warrant a second date, or will the gang find their Munie wasted?

"Newly Single: A HuniePop Creepypasta" is credited to Urkel.

#96 - "The Crawling House on Black Pond Road" (with Animal Fact Files)

Eli and Kylie of Animal Fact Files/Cinema Nippon return and join David, Dead Palette and Kaela in a story that may make more than your skin crawl. If bugs bug you, then this will be a special kind of horror, but will it succeed in being creepy, or can it be stopped dead with a quick spritz of analysis?

"The Crawling House on Black Pond Road" is credited to William Dalphin.

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#95 - Short and Shivery 11 (with Cinema Nippon)

It's a Japan triple-threat on this edition of Short and Shivery as David and Dead Palette team up with the folks behind Cinema Nippon to tackle more short horror from the land of the rising sun, including a ghost story about a mirror and complete and utter weeb trash that Dead Palette managed to find (naturally).

"Japanese Ghost Story: Nana-Chan" is credited to Shishou_TheMaster. "Naruto: Lost Episode" and "Madara Uchiha's Eyes" are both unknown, but were found through Rhea.