Strange Fiction

#176 - "Serious Inquiries Only, Please!

In this creepy-crawly episode, David reunites with returning guest Matt Holley to answer a very weird Craigslist ad. Will this narrative angle convince our hosts to commit, or will they be turned away by a shoddy product?

"Serious Inquiries Only, Please!" was written by Urkelbot666. Read along here.

Music credit: "Lost in the Lair of the Sea God" by Abysmii.

#172 - "Borrasca" Part 7

This is where the tables turn, and the gang faces down the divisive horror at the top of the conspiracy. Fair warning: this will no doubt be an upsetting and possibly stressful turn of events, so pay close attention to the disclaimer at the beginning.

"Borrasca" is credited to C.K. Walker, aka The_Dalek_Emperor. Read along here.

#166 - "Prey"

David and Dead Palette meet with half the cast of Rawdog Readings - Zath, HyperThermal and Beth - to imbibe another Patron's Poison of a eerie encounter on a dark mountain trail. Is the whole thing to be taken at face value, or does a joke observation by Dead Palette turn out to be the clumsy hidden subtext of the tale?

"Prey" is credited to John R. Read along here.

#165 - "A Tear in the Wallpaper"

David and Kaela kind of feel like it's the first episode all over again, except it's definitely not since they're not reading "Laughing Jack" but a story about wallpaper and obsession. No, not the Charlotte Perkins Gilman short story that's also about wallpaper and obsession. Just... Just give it a listen.

"A Tear in the Wallpaper" is credited to Umbrello. Rad along here.

#162 - "Borrasca" Part 1

After what feels like ages of hoping, David finally gets his wish as he, Dead Palette and Allen get started reading the novella-length C.K. Walker story, set in a small Ozarks town and through the eyes of a child, at least to start with. Will it prove to be all it's cracked up to be? And why did Dead Palette decide it was a good idea to invite Gram-Gram Palette along?

"Borrasca" is credited to C.K. Walker, aka The_Dalek_Emperor. Read along here.

#155 - "One Windy Night"

With class and sophistication your terrific trio kick of 2018 with all the professionalism you expect from Undercooked Analysis. Their story this time around features a frustrated writer that eats brown sugar and is paid a visit in his lonely cabin by something hideous. Will this story crawl into our hearts, or is it best to lock the doors and leave it outside?

"One Windy Night" is credited to Isaac Boissonneau (Hopefullygoodgramar). Read along here.

#119 - "Dawkson's Cave"

The gang hasn't done enough caving yet, apparently, and Dead Palette, Allen, Slimebeast and ClericofMadness don't want to wait for our lives to be over... or for David to get back. They forge ahead and find a skeleton - not a figurative story structure idea, a literal skeleton. Will it prove to be a spooky scary one, or is it so misunderstood?

"Dawkson's Cave" is credited to Velvet Rose

#117 - "Pokemon Pinwheel Village"

David and Dead Palette take a look at this Patron's Poison with the help of special guest ClericofMadness, the founder of Creeypasta Wiki. PokePasta is a fairly cut-and-dried format that has never been that effective, but will this entry find a way to surprise our panel of critics, or will is it just spinning its pinwheels?

"Pokemon Pinwheel Village" is credited to NotSoCrazyAfterAll.