Cinema Nippon

#131 - Short and Shivery 17

This episode is anything but short as David and Dead Palette hang out with Eli and Kylie, the duo behind Animal Fact Files and Cinema Nippon. Here is another pair of short horror stories: one a Japanese ritual, the other an account of a bug bite gone awry. Do either manage to unsettle, or do they fall into the usual tropes and cliches?

"Bath Game" and "Just a Bug Bite" are both uncredited.

#96 - "The Crawling House on Black Pond Road" (with Animal Fact Files)

Eli and Kylie of Animal Fact Files/Cinema Nippon return and join David, Dead Palette and Kaela in a story that may make more than your skin crawl. If bugs bug you, then this will be a special kind of horror, but will it succeed in being creepy, or can it be stopped dead with a quick spritz of analysis?

"The Crawling House on Black Pond Road" is credited to William Dalphin.

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#95 - Short and Shivery 11 (with Cinema Nippon)

It's a Japan triple-threat on this edition of Short and Shivery as David and Dead Palette team up with the folks behind Cinema Nippon to tackle more short horror from the land of the rising sun, including a ghost story about a mirror and complete and utter weeb trash that Dead Palette managed to find (naturally).

"Japanese Ghost Story: Nana-Chan" is credited to Shishou_TheMaster. "Naruto: Lost Episode" and "Madara Uchiha's Eyes" are both unknown, but were found through Rhea.