Short and Shivery

#181 - Short and Shivery 24

It's the return of NoSleep Nonsense as Allen brings on Mike MacDee and Nick Nocturne for a rousing read of a faulty Alexa and a person with a talent that really sucks. How do these stories fair?

"My Amazon Alexa does more than just laugh" and "Why do all my lollipops moan when I put them in my mouth?" are both credited to iia.

#156 - Short and Shivery 21

Dead Palette and Chelsea are back, and so is Short and Shivery in a short timespan. Ity's time for more haunted gaming, in this case Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry. Do we even need to ask at this point if these stories will be any good? Because we all know in our hearts how it's probably gonna go down...

"Resident Evil 4: One Chance Only" has no original credit; "Devil May Cry: Dante's Revenge" is credited to Dragonrights72.

#154 - Short and Shivery 20

Dead Palette is flying solo in this episode, joined only by his mysterious Tulpa, C.F. Comer, as they spelunk into a pair of pastas based on Tomb Raider. What a great way to start 2018, eh?

"Tomb Raider Creepypasta" is credited to Percydercymercy2; "Tomb Raider 3: Game Over!" is credited to SmashBrawlFanfiction.

#153 - Short and Shivery 19

The gang has decided to give you your present early this year, with a couple of horrible holiday stories that are sure to bring you tidings of comfort and joy (in one way or another). Meanwhile, enjoy the usual stocking stuffer of a lot of banter.

"Christmas" is credited to CafeLegendary; "Christmas in July" is credited to EmyrealInvective.

#136 - Short and Shivery 18

The gang goes hunting for secondhand stories and grab a pair from that swap meet of scary(?) accounts, NoSleep. Both of them have a garage sale in their title, and both are highly rated, but is NoSleep's treasure the Committee's trash?

"I Never Should've Stopped at That Garage Sale" is credited to TheBigSp00k; "I am so Glad you Stopped at my Garage Sale" is credited to Hayong.

#131 - Short and Shivery 17

This episode is anything but short as David and Dead Palette hang out with Eli and Kylie, the duo behind Animal Fact Files and Cinema Nippon. Here is another pair of short horror stories: one a Japanese ritual, the other an account of a bug bite gone awry. Do either manage to unsettle, or do they fall into the usual tropes and cliches?

"Bath Game" and "Just a Bug Bite" are both uncredited.

#128 - Short and Shivery 16

Like a bad horror movie sequel, Short and Shivery has yet another iteration as David and Dead Palette first inspect a story about a monster, and then imbibe Patron's Poison with a user-written story. Sometimes it's nice to keep things simple.

"The Pocket" is author unknown; "Why Walk-In Freezers Can't Be Opened From The Inside" was written by Sir Alvhem/Andreas Lindgren.

#120 - Short and Shivery 15 (with Jenny Nicholson)

If there's one thing David considers a guilty pleasure, it's pulling apart Disney Creepypasta, and this time around he's joined by special guest and fellow theme-park enthusiast Jenny Nicholson for some dark Disney. There's no fastpasses for terror in either of these stories, but perhaps there's a surprise or two in store...

"Disney's Catacombs" is credited to Horrorfan 664; "Club 33: A Dark Secret" is author unknown.

#114 - Short and Shivery 14

The mysteries of the sea factor heavily into this edition of Short and Shivery as David, Dead Palette, Allen and SoberDwarf break away from the video game stories and take a swan-dive into the unknown depths. Will these oceanic tales yield terror or dread, or do they still flounder in the kiddie pool?

"Oceanic Absurdity: An Account of Nautical Horror" is credited to Bryce Simmons; "The Pill" is credited to A Wanderer.

#106 - Short and Shivery 13

It's always a good thing when we reach that unlucky number, and in this episode, the gang are gifted a pair of stories by the author himself and asked to critique them. Will said author regret this, or will our readers be pleasantly surprised?

"Amazon Ultra" and "The Journey Home" were both written and submitted by Simon Stechler.

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#103 - Short and Shivery 12

Once again, it's an exchange of shorter stories with David, Dead Palette, Allen and Slimebeast. There's no real interconnecting theme between these two, other than that they might both be entertaining and bizarre reads.

"Remember, Dogs Are For Life And Not Just For Christmas" is credited to pross40745.
"Fractalvore" is credited to Chiropto Necrolis.

#95 - Short and Shivery 11 (with Cinema Nippon)

It's a Japan triple-threat on this edition of Short and Shivery as David and Dead Palette team up with the folks behind Cinema Nippon to tackle more short horror from the land of the rising sun, including a ghost story about a mirror and complete and utter weeb trash that Dead Palette managed to find (naturally).

"Japanese Ghost Story: Nana-Chan" is credited to Shishou_TheMaster. "Naruto: Lost Episode" and "Madara Uchiha's Eyes" are both unknown, but were found through Rhea.

#82 - Short and Shivery 10

Yo listen up, here's the story: David, Dead Palette and Allen read a pair of short stories with the only interconnection being a color. It's Eiffel 65 vs. Blue's Clues Creepypasta, so the stage is set for mediocrity... or is it?

"I'm Blue" is credited to Extramrdo. "Blues Clue's Where's Blue?" is unknown, but found through THE-ONE-WHO-CARED.

#62 - Short and Shivery 8 (with Raygun Readers)

David and Kaela are joined by Abysmii and Papreeka of the Raygun Readers Podcast to boldly go where they've only kind of been before: sci-fi Creepypastas. What do these two stories illustrate about the crossover between horror and science? And will either of them be any good?

"Button Day" is uncredited. Read along here.

"Lights" is written by Shadowswimmer77. Read along here.