Nick Nocturne

#181 - Short and Shivery 24

It's the return of NoSleep Nonsense as Allen brings on Mike MacDee and Nick Nocturne for a rousing read of a faulty Alexa and a person with a talent that really sucks. How do these stories fair?

"My Amazon Alexa does more than just laugh" and "Why do all my lollipops moan when I put them in my mouth?" are both credited to iia.

#25 - "Ronald McDonald House"

Frequent requests for this particular Creepypasta have forced David, Dead Palette, Slimebeast and Nick Nocturne to put on their health and safety badges and perform an inspection. Will fast food clowns manage to terrify, or does this have "stinkburger" written all over it? Ba da ba ba baaa~

"Ronald McDonald House" was written by Dkingsbury. You can read along here.

#16 - "1999" Postscript Discussion

It took a bit, but David and Dead Palette have recovered enough from 1999's blatant plagiarism to discuss it, but they're not alone! Special guest Nick Nocturne of Night Mind joins them to talk Creepypasta, alantutorial and the art of storytelling.

Check out alantutorial for further context, or watch Night Mind's explanation video.