#179 - "Tall, Thin and Faceless"

David has an in-person read with Ben Paddon for a story about the infamous Slenderman, police incompetence and apparent narcolepsy. Will this be a narrative reaffirming Slenderman's context as mysterious figure, or will it trip over its own tentacles?

Credited to HarbleMornets. Read along here.

Check out the Indiegogo campaign for Ben's "Typecast" webseries here.

#102 - Jeff Stories

With Jeff's reboot firmly behind them, the gang is surely done with the character for good, right? Nope. David, Dead Palette and Allen all have their own Jeff the Killer rewrites to share, and none of them should be taken seriously.

Be sure to check out the Darkly Lit podcast with David, Seid, Kaela and C.F. Comer, now available on iTunes and through http://creativehorror.com/darklylit/

#100 - "Jeff the Killer 2015" Part 1

The centennial episode of this podcast requires a watershed Creepypasta, and who better to represent the best of the worst IconPasta has to offer than our old friend Jeff? This time, however, the Welcome Committee is looking at an attempt at retelling Jeff's origin in a more serious fashion, one voted the best of many by popular vote. Is it possible to salvage a character like Jeff, or will any attempts at revision be buried under the gang's constant callbacks to old UCA memes?

"Jeff the Killer 2015" is credited to K. Banning Kellum.

#74 - Jane the Killer

Oh! Here comes the Welcome Committee to plunge headfirst into the ridiculous lore behind Jeff the Killer's Ms. Male Character, Jane the Killer. There's no doubt David, Dead Palette, Allen, Kaela and Slimebeast are in for something stupid, but even they cannot anticipate just how strangely entertaining the whole thing is...

"Jane's Letter (AKA Jane the Killer)" is credited to AngryDogDesigns; "Jane the Killer: The Real Story" is uncredited on the source we found it. Read them along with both here.

#43 - "Clockwork: Your Time Is UP"

David takes some time off from Happy Appy to read a story with Kaela and Slimebeast, but it seems there will be no relief in sight as they read another "icon" story about a girl with a tragic past and an even more tragic present as a murderer. Is the real tragedy that this is just another Jeff the Killer wannabe? Only time will tell...

"Clockwork: Your Time Is Up" can be read along with here.

#8 - "The Origin of Laughing Jack"

David, Kaela and (eventually) Emma finally get around to taking a look at "The Origin of Laughing Jack." Does this story hold up better than the original Laughing Jack story, or is it a laughingstock? Well, based on David's disturbed reactions near the end...

WARNING: This episode contains descriptions of particularly detailed gruesome imagery. Listener discretion is advised.

Both this and "Laughing Jack" were originally written by SnuffBomb.

#1 - "Laughing Jack" (w/ Kaela Berry)

This inaugural outing has David King and Kaela Berry (The Artist Tree podcast) taking a look at the original Laughing Jack story. Is the story as iconic as the character it spawned, or is it an undercooked mess?

Introducing Undercooked Analysis, a spin-off of Midnight Marinara where there's no plan, no polish, and no filters; just a group of people taking a not-so-serious look at popular Creepypasta.