The Benview Network

The Benview Network is a collection of podcasts started by Emily Schmemily and Andrew Linde in 2013 when they decided to combine forces and fight evil. The first Benview production was shut up, leonard. Since then Radio BrendoMan, The Pillagecast, and Comic Nerds Unite have gone from unincorporated to part of the Benview Network. Midnight Marinara is also a Benview original featuring David King's adaptations of creepypastas. Pick Your Path is the first "choose your own adventure" style podcast and a Benview production. We at Benview are always looking for the next big thing in podcasts. All of our podcasts are free to download and are also available in the iTunes Store.


Animusings is a monthly podcast exploring the evolution of the animated feature film through the lens of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Disney enthusiasts David King and Kaela Berry discuss the art, the storytelling and the history as they make their way film-by-film through the entire Disney canon in chronological order, from Snow White to the present and beyond.

Twitter: @AnimusingsPod
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The Artist Tree

The Artist Tree is a bi-monthly podcast where Kaela Berry, under the guise of Canary T. Robot, interview artists, YouTubers, podcasters, actors, comedians, and other types of creative professionals, offering advice and ideas on how to become apart of the art and entertainment Industry. However, the Artist Tree is more than just a podcast, it's a community, with the goal of bringing together creative individuals to help one another out on their projects, dreams, and careers.

Facebook: The Artist Tree
Twitter: @The_Artist_Tree
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Benview One-Offs

Here are all of the non-regular Benview Network shows or other episodes featuring members of the Benview Network. This includes the Benview Megacasts held semi-annually.
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Benview on Spielberg

Benview on Spielberg is a monthly show in which lifelong Spielberg fan Justin Quizon and Spielberg doubter Emily Schmemily go movie by movie on the filmography of cinema's most famous director.

Facebook: Benview on Spielberg
Twitter: @BenOnSteve
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Comic Nerds Unite

Uniting nerds together from all walks of life to talk comic books like a bunch of bosses. Comic Nerds Unite is a weekly comic book review podcast. Hosted by Marc Bolton, Kent Wagenschutz, and Tim van Autreve, we break down a major comic book story and also talk about some books that we read that week. Our goal, our mission, is to unite like-minded comic nerds to chat, think, and breathe comics and love them with all our geeky hearts. From the Silver Age to Marvel Now!, from New 52 to Indie comics, we cover it all. Marc and Tim review current comic books, the classics of yesteryear, graphic novels, and trade paperbacks. While talking about comics, they spill into al realms of geek culture like comic book movies, books, and TV shows.
So, if you love sequential art, check out Comic Nerds Unite. Skottie Young, Drew Browne, and Jeremiah Lambert are frequent guest hosts.

Facebook: Comic Nerds Unite
Twitter: @CNUpodcast
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Community Fantasy League

Emily and Andrew of shut up, leonard were the co-captains of the fantasy league for season 5 of Community. This is their recorded breakdown of points.

Facebook: Community Fantasy League
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Dinner Party Small Talk

Dinner Party Small Talk is a comedy and review podcast written, produced, and performed by Matt Graham and Nyssa Hamilton.
Matt Graham was born in 1986 to two middle-class white folk in the city of Brisbane, QLD, Australia. He WAS bullied as a child, but prefers to think that his sense of humour developed not as a coping mechanism, but as a natural by-product of reasonably high intelligence and a general awareness of the world's inherent absurdity. He is a voice actor, body actor, musician, singer, writer, and avid masturbator. If you are Matt's parents and are reading this, then ignore that last sentence.
Nyssa Hamilton is an actor and writer who can't seem to stay in any one single country. She enjoys lactose free chocolate milk and baking to relieve anxiety. She rarely, but sometimes, will post her thoughts at and tumbles often at

Facebook: Dinner Party Small Talk
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Extra Damage

Extra Damage is your number one source for video game news, opinions, reviews, and talk from some very specific people! If you don't want to hear what we think, why are you on this page? Huh? Yeah, think about that for a second.

Facebook: Extra Damage
Twitter: @ExtraDamage
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Fauxboys: A Doughboys Fan Podcast

Fauxboys is a fan podcast for the Doughboys podcast about chain restuarants. Every episode, Fauxboys hosts Aaron, Brendan, Brian, and Rob discuss the most recent episodes of Doughboys, talking about the restaurants that Doughboys hosts Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell went to, the guests on the episode, and everything else on that week's show. Tune in every two weeks to eat and laugh along!

Facebook: Fauxboys: A Doughboys Fan Podcast
Twitter: @FauxboysPod
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Flagons and Dragons

A drunken Dungeons and Dragons adventure and microbrew review show all rolled (get it? rolled?) into one.

Facebook: Flagons & Dragons
Twitter: @FlagDrag
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Friday Night Film Fights

Two films enter, one film leaves!
The Rules
1. Movies must share a similar theme. E.G. Action movies that take place on Xmas day in Los Angeles, Die Hard vs Lethal Weapon
2. No blow outs. Movies must be similarly received by critics. E.G. Toy Story and Up both have an 8.3 on IMDB
3. The better movie wins. In certain circumstances we establish specific criteria for the episode. E.G. Episode 10 is the Cage match and we chose our winner based strictly on Nic Cage’s performance.
4. No Spoilers Please. No movies currently in theaters. We only choose movies that are at least one year old.

Facebook: Friday Night Film Fights
Twitter: @FNfilmfights
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Grissom on the Run

Grissom on the Run is the Atlanta Braves from a fans perspective. The show, hosted by Matthew Esposito, is a display of adoration for the Atlanta Braves but also is a means to develop his broadcast journalism skills. GOTR deems that no topic is unimportant and thus dissects all facets of the Braves: from Julio Tehran praise—analysis of Freddie Freeman’s dancing skills—to the continual Fredi Gonzalez hotseat rumors. Grissom on the Run is always here to chop!

Twitter: @GrissomOnTheRun
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Mister Brendo's Wrestling Show

Brendo is a lifelong wrestling fan. Veronica had never watched wrestling before the summer of 2016. Listen as Brendo introduces his friend to the crazy world of professional wrestling as they discuss the finer points of WWE such as what that little white rope is for and why wrestlers can’t stop interfering in each others’ matches. They also talk about the WWE reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas as well as some TNA, ROH, New Japan, Lucha Underground, PWG, and other indies.
Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, we believe this show is entertaining enough for your to probably enjoy. If not, sorry about that. You can email us at with your questions, comments, and complaints! Thanks to nate.3.0. for the awesome theme song!

Twitter: @MBWSpodcast
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Midnight Marinara

Midnight Marinara is a seasonal podcast that serializes Creepypasta stories into full-fledged audio dramas and served by the mysterious Pasta Shade, maitre d' of the macabre. Whether it's a well-known chiller or a deserving unknown that catches attention, we strive to present an entertaining spin on these tales of suspense and terror. Produced, directed and mixed by David King, and featuring an ever-changing cast of actors and authors, expect something new every time you listen. Pour some of this on your favorite Creepypasta come midnight!

Patreon: Midnight Marinara on Patreon
Twitter: @ScarySauce
YouTube: Midnight Marinara
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Nerd's Eye View

Nerd's Eye View is a weekly look into movies and television with hosts Andrew Linde and Jordan Scott along with a special guest. Each week features a review of a new release, highlights of new releases on DVD/Bluray/TVD, top movie/television news, and Guess the Ending.

Facebook: Nerd's Eye View
Twitter: @NEVpodcast
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Nothing New: A Remake Podcast

Nothing New is a monthly podcast from Andrew Linde and Justin Quizon. Each month they will compare a film to its remake. Not all remakes are created equal.

Twitter: @NothingNewPod
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Pick Your Path

A scripted podcast in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure novels. Written by Emily Schmemily, David King, and Andrew Linde. Theme song by Christopher Wrigley of Bunhaüs Jingles. Logo created by Wayne Jansen.

Twitter: @PickYourPod
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Picture Start

A new podcast about movies and the intensely entertaining charm of the people talking about them.

Twitter: @PictureStartPod
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The Pillagecast

The Pillagecast is what happens when some friends get together and talk about stuff, only with microphones running. There is no set theme or content, only simply what we find interesting and worth talking about. The Pillagecast is hosted by Josh Anderson, Phil Vecchio, and R.W. Gates. The intro and outro music is provided by The Devious Means - "A New Sound" and Zapac - "Test Drive." All music used with permission.

Twitter: @Pillagecast
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The Podcast Preview

The Podcast Preview brings you the best that podcasts have to offer. Every week, Aaron Stehley introduces you to a new show—usually comedy, but not always—that you're going to love. You can also listen to new episodes Sundays at 1:30pm ET at Wera.FM.

Twitter: @PodcastPreview
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Pop Sickles

Derick Armijo, Brendan Creecy, and Emily Schmemily reap all that pop culture has to sow.

Twitter: @PopSicklescast
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Radio Brendoman

Brendo likes to talk a lot. He started recording himself talking when he was living in China in 2004 and he put it on the internet and for some reason people liked it. He then invited some of his friends from his website,, to join him. Then he stopped for awhile. Then he joined the show Bagged & Boarded as a co-host and he liked doing that a lot. Then he and Derick Armijo got their own show called Pop Sickles. That was cool too but Brendo always wanted to do a show with his best friend Phil. So he brought back Radio BrendoMan and now you are here reading this when you should be listening to the show. So go do that. Thanks.

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Raygun Readers

Raygun Readers is a monthly podcast devoted to analyzing science fiction. Hosted by Abysmii, a scifi/horror ambient musician, and Papreeka, a lazer technician with a Masters in Physics; the duo critiques short fiction, discusses video games, rants about movies and more! Whether it's the mind-expanding concepts of the unknown universe, or the imaginative fantasy of space, Raygun Readers seeks to provide listeners with intelligent discussion, entertaining imagination, and hilarious tangents.

YouTube: Raygun Readers
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shut up, leonard

shut up, leonard is a Community recap podcast hosted by Emily Shmemily and Andrew Linde. Each week they provide analysis of an episode. #sixseasonsandamovie

Bonus Episode Store: shut up, leonard Bonus Store
Twitter: @shutuplenpod
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Star Wars Nerds Unite

Star Wars Nerds Unite is a podcast dedicated to discussing the new Star Wars universe. Your hosts are Tim Van Autreve, show runner, eternal optimist, and life-time Star Wars lover; Jennifer Van Autreve, sci-fi nerd, bombshell, and Star Wars novice; and Josh Mason, the Star Wars expert and ultimate critic. Together they discuss the new media coming out of Disney-owned LucasFilm. This family friendly podcast will analyze and discuss the new TV shows, movies, comic books, novels and anything else coming from Disney/Lucasfilm/Marvel.
The new Star Wars canon includes all the Star Wars movies, The Clone Wars cartoon, The Clone Wars movie, Star Wars Rebels, new Marvel published Star Wars comic books and any media coming out in the future.
For those curious, we all truly feel that Han shot first.

Twitter: @StarWarsNU
Patreon: Star Wars Nerds Unite on Patreon
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Super Mario Bros. Minute

From the creators of shut up, leonard, finally, a podcast that breaks down the insanity of Mario Mario and Luigi Mario's adventures in the underside of Brooklyn. Every minute of Super Mario Bros. (1993) investigated and reviewed with care by Andrew Linde and Emily Schmemily.

Twitter: @MarioBrosMinute
Patreon: Super Mario Bros. Minute on Patreon
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Trent Talk

Trent Talk is your halo by halo guide to America’s greatest treasure: Trent Reznor. If you’re a Nine Inch Nails fanatic, aka Reznerd, then this podcast should be a fun repository of inside jokes and references. But if you’re a Nine Inch Newbie then tune in as Cheya and Clare listen to and discuss the music of Nine Inch Nails, and maybe learn something about themselves along the way.

Patreon: Trent Talk on Patreon
Twitter: @TrentTalkPod
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Undercooked Analysis

The show where no Creepypasta is safe! Join host David King and co-hosts Dead Palette, Allen, Kaela and a smorgasbord of guests as they put popular tales to literary scrutiny in a cold story read. With no script, no plan, no prep and no filters, these frequently insightful (and more frequently silly) episodes might be just as under cooked as some of the fiction read!

Patreon: Undercooked Analysis on Patreon
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