11 - El Pollo Loco and #NangGang meets Guy Fieri

Aaron and Rob discuss the thrilling return of Christine Nangle's #NangGang as well as El Pollo Loco with Lamar Woods. Thanks to Benview Network supreme overlord Andrew Linde for editing this week.

Pictures mentioned on the podcast:

Rob with The Fonz in his Fuckston shirt


Aaron at Ishkabibble's Paul F. Tompkins's childhood Philly cheesesteak joint. 


Aaron's spooky scary empty Ikea.


7 - Taco Bell 3 with Bobby Lee, Favorite Guests Return, and In-N-Out with Mystery Guest

Aaron, Brendan, and Rob discuss the most recent four episodes of Doughboys! We cover Bobby Lee's contentious episode, the return of Doughboys fan favorites Hayes Davenport, Sean Clements, Evan Susser, and Van Robichaux, and the announcements...well, announced in the In-N-Out episode with a mysteries Doughboys guest.

Mentioned on the episode:

The "Wow" Vine

Aaron's exclamatory note about the Bobby Lee episode:

Notes on fauxboys 7.jpg

3: Doughboys 39 - Wendy's with Paul Rust

Join Aaron, Rob, and Brian, as we celebrate Brendan's triumphant return along with our favorite Doughboys episode: Wendy's with Paul Rust! We chat burgers, fries, cake, cookies, candy, giggles, Skittles, and more.

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We also talk fries and sandwiches, like Brendan's Primanti Brothers order

We also talk fries and sandwiches, like Brendan's Primanti Brothers order

02 - Church's Chicken, Wood Ranch BBQ, Cold Stone

Join Aaron, Brian, and Rob as we discuss the most recent three episodes of Doughboys! We chat about our experience with Church's Chicken, Wood Ranch BBQ, and Cold Stone Creamery, and our experience listening to the Doughboys episodes about those restaurants. Come hang out!

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1 - Discussing Doughboys 76: Rocklobsterfest with Sean Clements & Hayes Davenport

Welcome to Fauxboys: A Doughboys Fan Podcast! For our inaugural episode, Aaron, Brendan, Brian, and Rob discuss Doughboys episode 76 - Rocklobsterfest: Red Lobster 4 with Sean Clements & Hayes Davenport. 

Tune in as the gang discusses how we identify with the hosts of Doughboys, their thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, which baby we are, the restaurant Red Lobster, and more!

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