Midnight Marinara

Undercooked Analysis - SCP Roundup Part 1

The Foundation's information has been leaked, and David, Dead Palette and Allen infiltrate the archives to see what they can uncover. Not all anomalies are created equal however, so will the SCPs they look at prove darkly entertaining for the right reasons?

All of the entries read can be found on the SCP Foundation website: http://www.scp-wiki.net/

Undercooked Analysis - Jane the Killer

Oh! Here comes the Welcome Committee to plunge headfirst into the ridiculous lore behind Jeff the Killer's Ms. Male Character, Jane the Killer. There's no doubt David, Dead Palette, Allen, Kaela and Slimebeast are in for something stupid, but even they cannot anticipate just how strangely entertaining the whole thing is...

"Jane's Letter (AKA Jane the Killer)" is credited to AngryDogDesigns; "Jane the Killer: The Real Story" is uncredited on the source we found it. Read them along with both here.

Undercooked Analysis - "Sombrero Wearing Dinosaur"

It's a creature feature on this episode as David and Kaela meet dinosaur-enthusiast Prasokour to read this confusing story of a boy(?) and his imaginary friend(?). Is there anything deeper to this oddball tale, or is it just a hodgepodge of random?

"Sombrero Wearing Dinosaur" is credited to The Wizard Experience Starring Meds 2.0. Read along here

Undercooked Analysis - "The Showers" Part 2

Our protagonist follows in the footsteps of Mr. (Billy) Mays to find the elusive Showers, and the gang wonders how long it will take to reach the spooky part... among other things. Will this story prove itself in the end?

"The Showers" is credited to clover10176. Read along here.

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Undercooked Analysis - "The Showers" Part 1

David, Dead Palette and Allen begin a two-part story, featuring a story-within-a-story, Halloween, and Billy Mays impressions... Wait, what? What does it mean? Is the story any good? Why are we assuming you're asking all these questions? Give a listen to find out!

"The Showers" is credited to clover10176. Read along here.

Undercooked Analysis - "What They're Not Telling You about YouTube"

The space travelers from Raygun Readers and galactic hitchhiker Rachel Hanson have come to David and Kaela to share this conspiracy theory pasta. Does it truly outline the dark and nefarious background agenda of the Google-owned video giant, or is it baseless nonsense?

"What They're Not Telling You about YouTube" is credited to Zarathustra86. Read along here.

Undercooked Analysis - "Bishop Selby"

Now it's Dead Palette's turn to be absent as David, Kaela, Allen and Mike MacDee dig into one of his own stories. It's a surreal trip to a college campus where the laws of space and time are off-kilter, but will it ascribe to the writing method Dead Palette so strongly advocates?

Bishop Selby was written by Dead Palette. Read along here.

Undercooked Analysis - "My Last Camping Trip"

Have a nice trip, see you next fall! David, Dead Palette and Allen are joined by author Mike MacDee to take yet another trip into the woods, following a story of four rather accident-prone kids. Is there a sinister presence skulking amid the trees?

"My Last Camping Trip" is written by Dustin Koski. Read along here.

Undercooked Analysis LIVE - "Shadow Link in Soul Calibur II"

The gang meets up in Dead Palette's neck of the woods to host a panel at Ohayocon 2017. David, DP, Kaela, SoberDwarf and newcomer Chelsea Comer all sit in for a live performance of a Creepypasta classic and then a blind read of a story chosen by the groans of the audience at the mention of its title...

Undercooked Analysis - "Rabbits in the Creek"

No animals were harmed in the making of this episode, because David, Allen and Dead Palette (especially Dead Palette) all love rabbits. But does the story? The gang reads an account of a small Idaho town and a boy's inventive means of drawing local wildlife in for a picture.

"Rabbits in the Creek" is uncredited. Read along here.

Undercooked Analysis - "Arizona"

David, Dead Palette, Allen and Kaela take a trip to the deserts of Arizona, where bizarre things happen to a couple driving to visit friends. In typical UCA fashion though, this story quickly takes a turn for the worse, and the gang gets a little distracted talking about a new friend...

"Arizona" is written anonymously. Read along here.

Undercooked Analysis - SantaPasta Challenge

Christmas Eve is usually reserved for waiting for a fat man with presents to arrive, but this year David, Dead Palette and especially Allen have been given the gift of scary Santa stories by a multitude of podcast listeners. With four stories picked from the impressive stack of written works, which will come out on top?

Undercooked Analysis - Short and Shivery 8

David and Kaela are joined by Abysmii and Papreeka of the Raygun Readers Podcast to boldly go where they've only kind of been before: sci-fi Creepypastas. What do these two stories illustrate about the crossover between horror and science? And will either of them be any good?

"Button Day" is uncredited. Read along here.

"Lights" is written by Shadowswimmer77. Read along here.

Undercooked Analysis - Seaside British Pub Stories

David and Kaela sit down for an imaginary drink and a real chat with friends from the Witching Hour Podcast, Seid and Raevell. Their topic: a set of related accounts from a waitress at a seaside British pub where all of the patrons have something odd about them. Will the story convince the gang to stay for another round, or will it make them call it a night early?

"There are few things as depressing and shitty as working in a seaside British pub" is a NoSleep story credited to Cymoril_Melnibone.