Midnight Marinara

AJ Pinkerton

Episode 57 - "Side Effects"

Chris Kessler's addictions have finally caught up with him after a serious car accident leaves him hospitalized for a month, but he has a lot more to worry about in recovery, like the strange nightmares he's been having ever since that fateful night...

Featuring the voices of (in order of appearance) AJ Pinkerton, Peter Srinivasan, William Grubb, Gwendolyn Saltzman, Ben Paddon, Katie Patterson and David King. The voice of Nick Nocturne is himself.

Based on the short story by Patrick Murphy, adapted to radio theater by Kaela Berry and David King.

Ending theme by John King; additional music by Kevin McLeod.
Mixed and Edited by David King.

Episode 12 - "Higher Powers"

A group of recovering drug addicts meet in a church basement to talk of struggle and healing,  but not everyone's anti-drug is better than what they had before, as the newest member of the circle reveals...

Featuring the voices of (in order of appearance) Dave Bloom (The Geek Handbook), Sparrow Leigh Rayne (SparrowRayne), AJ Pinkerton (Random Encounters) and the mysterious Victor.

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Mixed and edited by David King

Based on the original story by O.H. Manchester. Read it here.