Midnight Marinara

Carlos Moreno

Episode 65 - "La Llorona"

Hoping this next investigation will bolster their TV ratings, the Haunt Trackers travel to the ruins of a New Mexico pueblo to research a ghost story of the southwest, the infamous weeping woman said to have drowned her children and haunts the night, dragging the unwary to a watery grave…

Featuring the voices of (in order of appearance) David King, Michael Malconian, Robin King, Kira Buckland, Abysmii, Matt Holley, Chelsea Caracoza, Carlos Moreno, Fabian Alonzo and Talia Cole.

Written by David King, with consulting from Jesse “Seid” Reyes, Carlos Moreno and Talia Cole.

Music by captaininsanity, Kevin MacLeod, Tamer Zeynioglu and the Latino Hits Orchestra. Ending theme by John King. Mixed and edited by David King.

Episode 3 - "Our Little Roanoke"

Four teenagers spend their last summer night hiking out to an abandoned lumber mill, the center of a local legend, and home of something ancient...

Featuring the voices of Jeff Parker, Carlos Moreno (Solrac: http://www.youtube.com/user/Yaplap ), Jordin Overton, and Noah Sinclair
Music by Kevin McLeod
Mixed and edited by David King

Original story by Aaron J. Waltke. Read it here: http://4x.reddit.com/r/creepypasta/comments/1pf8qa/our_little_roanoke/
Check out Aaron's podcast here: www.paranoiashoppe.com