Midnight Marinara

Jordin Overton

Episode 51 - "Little Wooden Box"

After losing his arm in a car accident, Phil Hadley struggles to find a solution for his pent up rage and sadness. A strange wooden box given to him as a therapy method may offer him a way to cope, though its use may have unforeseen consequences for him and his family...

Featuring the voices of (in order of appearance) Michael Ornelas, Sandy Stoltz, Jordin Overton, Sparrow Rayne and Amanda Kay.

Based on the story credited to Logan Falk. Adapted for radio theater by David King and Kaela Berry.

Opening theme by John King.
Mixed and edited by David King.

Episode 41 - "Dead Man's Blues"

A car accident on a stormy night leaves Warren stranded on a supposedly-haunted road, where the Blues guitarist Bone Daddy Barry met his end. Luckily, a friendly stranger with a burn on his face arrives to give Warren a lift...

Featuring the voices of (in order of appearance) Slimebeast, Jordin Overton, Darin De Paul and Emma Goddard.

Written by Kaela Berry and David King. This episode is dedicated to the memory of David Berry.

Opening theme by John King; additional music by Kevin MacLeod, Jelly Roll Morton and Freeplay Music.
Mixed and edited by David King.

Episode 3 - "Our Little Roanoke"

Four teenagers spend their last summer night hiking out to an abandoned lumber mill, the center of a local legend, and home of something ancient...

Featuring the voices of Jeff Parker, Carlos Moreno (Solrac: http://www.youtube.com/user/Yaplap ), Jordin Overton, and Noah Sinclair
Music by Kevin McLeod
Mixed and edited by David King

Original story by Aaron J. Waltke. Read it here: http://4x.reddit.com/r/creepypasta/comments/1pf8qa/our_little_roanoke/
Check out Aaron's podcast here: www.paranoiashoppe.com