Writing Challenges

#102 - Jeff Stories

With Jeff's reboot firmly behind them, the gang is surely done with the character for good, right? Nope. David, Dead Palette and Allen all have their own Jeff the Killer rewrites to share, and none of them should be taken seriously.

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#63 - "SantaPasta Challenge"

Christmas Eve is usually reserved for waiting for a fat man with presents to arrive, but this year David, Dead Palette and especially Allen have been given the gift of scary Santa stories by a multitude of podcast listeners. With four stories picked from the impressive stack of written works, which will come out on top?

#58 - PokePasta Challenge Part 1

In October, Dead Palette issued a challenge to all trainers: be the very best at writing a haunted Pokemon cartridge story, like no one ever was. Sixteen stories were submitted, but which will come out on top? David, DP and Allen now gather to reveal the winners, beginning with the winner of the coveted Ashcan Award (for proving Dead Palette wrong) and our 3rd-place story...