UCA Yule Log - Wet Hot Xmas Validation

Surprise! It's Christmas, and David, Dead Palette and Allen are the gift that keeps on giving. This episode is pretty much nothing but holiday discussion, with a NoSleep story tied on like a bow at the very end. We hope you enjoy, and we wish you happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate (or don't, as the case may be).

"'I hear Santa's reindeer outside!' shouted my six-year-old" is credited to BlairDaniels.

Undercooked Extra - LIVE at Midsummer Scream 2017

The cast and crew of Midnight Marinara/Undercooked Analysis represent both shows at the Midsummer Scream Halloween Convention. Join them for three short audio dramas and one hilarious cold read...

Featuring David King, Kaela Berry, Dead Palette, Allen Chaney, Matt Holley and Abysmii.

Recorded July 30th, 2017 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

#112 - "The Cosmic Destroyer"

No one seems to think of the impact their actions will have on future generations, not even the crew of this episode, as you'll soon hear. With SoberDwarf in tow they read an Earthbound story that seems to be an in-universe account: a prequel, perhaps? Regardless, things get a little weird, but not because of the story...

"The Cosmic Destroyer" is credited to TheCosmicDestroyer (naturally).