#158 - SCP Roundup 6

Nothing is secure, contained or protected from us at the Foundation, and David and Kaela have once again escaped with their lives and a handful of SCPs to discuss. They're joined live by Abysmii and Papreeka of Raygun Readers, as well as new faces Lex Reckless and Ben Waxler to determine the validity of these archives.

All of the entries read can be found on the SCP Foundation website: http://www.scp-wiki.net/
SCP-1867 - "A Gentleman" was archived by Djoric.
SCP-503-ARC - "The Infinite Pasta Pot" was archived by thedeadlymoose.
SCP-1247 - "LaBeouf Viewer" was archived by ksaid.

Undercooked Extra - LIVE at Midsummer Scream 2017

The cast and crew of Midnight Marinara/Undercooked Analysis represent both shows at the Midsummer Scream Halloween Convention. Join them for three short audio dramas and one hilarious cold read...

Featuring David King, Kaela Berry, Dead Palette, Allen Chaney, Matt Holley and Abysmii.

Recorded July 30th, 2017 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

#116 - "Dumb Angel" Part 1

We promised it, and it happened: here begins the sordid account of how nine people got together with drinks and began to read the gargantuan sequel to Happy Appy. Join David, Kaela, Dead Palette, Allen, Seid, C.F. Comer, Abysmii, Papreeka and Prasokour as we return to Dronian's opus world of Gerasim and Forenzik's eternal struggle.

"Dumb Angel" is credited to Dronian.

#70 - "What They're Not Telling You about YouTube"

The space travelers from Raygun Readers and galactic hitchhiker Rachel Hanson have come to David and Kaela to share this conspiracy theory pasta. Does it truly outline the dark and nefarious background agenda of the Google-owned video giant, or is it baseless nonsense?

"What They're Not Telling You about YouTube" is credited to Zarathustra86. Read along here.

#62 - Short and Shivery 8 (with Raygun Readers)

David and Kaela are joined by Abysmii and Papreeka of the Raygun Readers Podcast to boldly go where they've only kind of been before: sci-fi Creepypastas. What do these two stories illustrate about the crossover between horror and science? And will either of them be any good?

"Button Day" is uncredited. Read along here.

"Lights" is written by Shadowswimmer77. Read along here.