Haunted Gaming

#180 - Sunshine Biscuit Division

You're about to get more than you bargained for as Dead Palette, Chelsea and Travis become the Sunshine Biscuit Division. They rise and shine the light of day on a lost scene of "Saved By The Bell" and a haunted copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

#157 - Short and Shivery 22

Another one already? And it's another haunted gaming collection? What are these guys even thinking? It seems January 2018 is the month of the Cursed Cartridge, and this time the gang focuses on the Nintendo 64.

"1080 Snowboarding N64: The Dark Boarder" is credited to Incorrect3. Read along here.

"Glover Creepypasta" is credited to Nintendude. Read along here.

#156 - Short and Shivery 21

Dead Palette and Chelsea are back, and so is Short and Shivery in a short timespan. Ity's time for more haunted gaming, in this case Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry. Do we even need to ask at this point if these stories will be any good? Because we all know in our hearts how it's probably gonna go down...

"Resident Evil 4: One Chance Only" has no original credit; "Devil May Cry: Dante's Revenge" is credited to Dragonrights72.

#154 - Short and Shivery 20

Dead Palette is flying solo in this episode, joined only by his mysterious Tulpa, C.F. Comer, as they spelunk into a pair of pastas based on Tomb Raider. What a great way to start 2018, eh?

"Tomb Raider Creepypasta" is credited to Percydercymercy2; "Tomb Raider 3: Game Over!" is credited to SmashBrawlFanfiction.

#117 - "Pokemon Pinwheel Village"

David and Dead Palette take a look at this Patron's Poison with the help of special guest ClericofMadness, the founder of Creeypasta Wiki. PokePasta is a fairly cut-and-dried format that has never been that effective, but will this entry find a way to surprise our panel of critics, or will is it just spinning its pinwheels?

"Pokemon Pinwheel Village" is credited to NotSoCrazyAfterAll.

#112 - "The Cosmic Destroyer"

No one seems to think of the impact their actions will have on future generations, not even the crew of this episode, as you'll soon hear. With SoberDwarf in tow they read an Earthbound story that seems to be an in-universe account: a prequel, perhaps? Regardless, things get a little weird, but not because of the story...

"The Cosmic Destroyer" is credited to TheCosmicDestroyer (naturally).

#110 - "Dark Souls: The Pardoner of Velka"

SoberDwarf returns to help David and Dead Palette with his knowledge of Dark Souls, because they're going to need it when reading this story that was, apparently, written for people in the know about it. Will it surprise everyone, or - like most haunted game pasta - will it fall flat?

"Dark Souls: The Pardoner of Velka." is uncredited.

#108 - LSD: Dream Emulator Stories

How do you make a haunted game story out of a game that's already trippy, surreal and full of cryptic imagery? "Badly" is the assumption David, Dead Palette and Allen have coming into this episode. Do hyper-realistic blood and the Gray Man being real pop up as expected, or will they be pleasantly surprised by either or both of these pastas?

"The Gray Man" is credited to Palmshark; "LSD: Dream Emulator" is uncredited.

#97 - "Newly Single: A HuniePop Creepypasta"

David and Kaela take this one to their friends Angi Viper and Shawn Bean, where drinking and banter ensues. Somewhere in there, however, they find the time to read a eerie account of a bizarre version of the puzzle/dating game HuniePop and the tangle of drama surrounding the player. Will this warrant a second date, or will the gang find their Munie wasted?

"Newly Single: A HuniePop Creepypasta" is credited to Urkel.

#67 - "Link's Shadow in Soul Calibur II" (Live at Ohayocon)

The gang meets up in Dead Palette's neck of the woods to host a panel at Ohayocon 2017. David, DP, Kaela, SoberDwarf and newcomer Chelsea Comer all sit in for a live performance of a Creepypasta classic and then a blind read of a story chosen by the groans of the audience at the mention of its title...

#58 - PokePasta Challenge Part 1

In October, Dead Palette issued a challenge to all trainers: be the very best at writing a haunted Pokemon cartridge story, like no one ever was. Sixteen stories were submitted, but which will come out on top? David, DP and Allen now gather to reveal the winners, beginning with the winner of the coveted Ashcan Award (for proving Dead Palette wrong) and our 3rd-place story...