#174 - Tales from the Abuse with ClericofMadness

An episode from our archives, considered for a new segment of the show but never followed through on... until now. David, Dead Palette and Allen are given several short stories by ClericofMadness from Creepypasta Wiki's Content Abuse Log: stories that are automatically blocked due to cliches, overused tropes and just plain clumsiness.

#119 - "Dawkson's Cave"

The gang hasn't done enough caving yet, apparently, and Dead Palette, Allen, Slimebeast and ClericofMadness don't want to wait for our lives to be over... or for David to get back. They forge ahead and find a skeleton - not a figurative story structure idea, a literal skeleton. Will it prove to be a spooky scary one, or is it so misunderstood?

"Dawkson's Cave" is credited to Velvet Rose

#117 - "Pokemon Pinwheel Village"

David and Dead Palette take a look at this Patron's Poison with the help of special guest ClericofMadness, the founder of Creeypasta Wiki. PokePasta is a fairly cut-and-dried format that has never been that effective, but will this entry find a way to surprise our panel of critics, or will is it just spinning its pinwheels?

"Pokemon Pinwheel Village" is credited to NotSoCrazyAfterAll.