#84 - "Mystery Science Theater 3000: Limbo"

We got pasta sign! David, Kaela and Allen are all giant geeks when it comes to Mystery Science Theater 3000, so naturally this would lead to them reading a theory-based Creepypasta based on the show's mythos. Will they be able to quit bantering long enough to get through what could ultimately be a forgettable story?

"Mystery Science Theater 3000: Limbo" is credited to WayWardWanderer.

#70 - "What They're Not Telling You about YouTube"

The space travelers from Raygun Readers and galactic hitchhiker Rachel Hanson have come to David and Kaela to share this conspiracy theory pasta. Does it truly outline the dark and nefarious background agenda of the Google-owned video giant, or is it baseless nonsense?

"What They're Not Telling You about YouTube" is credited to Zarathustra86. Read along here.