#114 - Short and Shivery 14

The mysteries of the sea factor heavily into this edition of Short and Shivery as David, Dead Palette, Allen and SoberDwarf break away from the video game stories and take a swan-dive into the unknown depths. Will these oceanic tales yield terror or dread, or do they still flounder in the kiddie pool?

"Oceanic Absurdity: An Account of Nautical Horror" is credited to Bryce Simmons; "The Pill" is credited to A Wanderer.

#112 - "The Cosmic Destroyer"

No one seems to think of the impact their actions will have on future generations, not even the crew of this episode, as you'll soon hear. With SoberDwarf in tow they read an Earthbound story that seems to be an in-universe account: a prequel, perhaps? Regardless, things get a little weird, but not because of the story...

"The Cosmic Destroyer" is credited to TheCosmicDestroyer (naturally).

#110 - "Dark Souls: The Pardoner of Velka"

SoberDwarf returns to help David and Dead Palette with his knowledge of Dark Souls, because they're going to need it when reading this story that was, apparently, written for people in the know about it. Will it surprise everyone, or - like most haunted game pasta - will it fall flat?

"Dark Souls: The Pardoner of Velka." is uncredited.

#67 - "Link's Shadow in Soul Calibur II" (Live at Ohayocon)

The gang meets up in Dead Palette's neck of the woods to host a panel at Ohayocon 2017. David, DP, Kaela, SoberDwarf and newcomer Chelsea Comer all sit in for a live performance of a Creepypasta classic and then a blind read of a story chosen by the groans of the audience at the mention of its title...