#164 - PAW Patrol Creepypasta Wiki

Allen is sick, putting Borrasca on hold for a little bit, so join David, Dead Palette, Kaela and Mike MacDee for a paw-fully good time diving into yet another weird little pocket of the internet. What will they find on a Creepypasta Wiki meant only for stories related to a kids show they've never seen?

"The Road To The End" is credited to SilverCestor789.
"Evil Patrol" is credited to Chase787.

#162 - "Borrasca" Part 1

After what feels like ages of hoping, David finally gets his wish as he, Dead Palette and Allen get started reading the novella-length C.K. Walker story, set in a small Ozarks town and through the eyes of a child, at least to start with. Will it prove to be all it's cracked up to be? And why did Dead Palette decide it was a good idea to invite Gram-Gram Palette along?

"Borrasca" is credited to C.K. Walker, aka The_Dalek_Emperor. Read along here.

#158 - SCP Roundup 6

Nothing is secure, contained or protected from us at the Foundation, and David and Kaela have once again escaped with their lives and a handful of SCPs to discuss. They're joined live by Abysmii and Papreeka of Raygun Readers, as well as new faces Lex Reckless and Ben Waxler to determine the validity of these archives.

All of the entries read can be found on the SCP Foundation website: http://www.scp-wiki.net/
SCP-1867 - "A Gentleman" was archived by Djoric.
SCP-503-ARC - "The Infinite Pasta Pot" was archived by thedeadlymoose.
SCP-1247 - "LaBeouf Viewer" was archived by ksaid.

#157 - Short and Shivery 22

Another one already? And it's another haunted gaming collection? What are these guys even thinking? It seems January 2018 is the month of the Cursed Cartridge, and this time the gang focuses on the Nintendo 64.

"1080 Snowboarding N64: The Dark Boarder" is credited to Incorrect3. Read along here.

"Glover Creepypasta" is credited to Nintendude. Read along here.

#156 - Short and Shivery 21

Dead Palette and Chelsea are back, and so is Short and Shivery in a short timespan. Ity's time for more haunted gaming, in this case Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry. Do we even need to ask at this point if these stories will be any good? Because we all know in our hearts how it's probably gonna go down...

"Resident Evil 4: One Chance Only" has no original credit; "Devil May Cry: Dante's Revenge" is credited to Dragonrights72.

#155 - "One Windy Night"

With class and sophistication your terrific trio kick of 2018 with all the professionalism you expect from Undercooked Analysis. Their story this time around features a frustrated writer that eats brown sugar and is paid a visit in his lonely cabin by something hideous. Will this story crawl into our hearts, or is it best to lock the doors and leave it outside?

"One Windy Night" is credited to Isaac Boissonneau (Hopefullygoodgramar). Read along here.

#154 - Short and Shivery 20

Dead Palette is flying solo in this episode, joined only by his mysterious Tulpa, C.F. Comer, as they spelunk into a pair of pastas based on Tomb Raider. What a great way to start 2018, eh?

"Tomb Raider Creepypasta" is credited to Percydercymercy2; "Tomb Raider 3: Game Over!" is credited to SmashBrawlFanfiction.

UCA Yule Log - Wet Hot Xmas Validation

Surprise! It's Christmas, and David, Dead Palette and Allen are the gift that keeps on giving. This episode is pretty much nothing but holiday discussion, with a NoSleep story tied on like a bow at the very end. We hope you enjoy, and we wish you happy holidays, no matter what you celebrate (or don't, as the case may be).

"'I hear Santa's reindeer outside!' shouted my six-year-old" is credited to BlairDaniels.

#153 - Short and Shivery 19

The gang has decided to give you your present early this year, with a couple of horrible holiday stories that are sure to bring you tidings of comfort and joy (in one way or another). Meanwhile, enjoy the usual stocking stuffer of a lot of banter.

"Christmas" is credited to CafeLegendary; "Christmas in July" is credited to EmyrealInvective.

#151 - "I Found A Box" Story

It's back to basics as David and Kaela go out on their own to read a NoSleep story that became an Easter Egg in the free-to-play visual novel "Doki-Doki Literature Club." And that's just the background, where the story itself follows a college student with murder on her mind. Will it's overlong NoSleep title drive our pair away before it begins, or will perseverance prove to find a hidden gem?

"I found a small box hidden in a mall that contains the recollection of a 19-year-old girl who decided to kill someone just to see what it's like" (hoo boy) is credited to Dan Salvato.

#147 - "Mrs. Willison's Homemade Jam"

If you're hungry, this should fix your apatite for awhile. David, Kaela and returning guest Rachel Hanson imbibe this poisonous package of a story of a boy and his love of a very special kind of jam. Will this be the kind of story you'll want spread on everything, or is it best left in the cupboard with the other preserves?

"Mrs. Willison's Homemade Jam" is credited to FamilialDichotomy.

#144 - "Pretend" (with Ben Paddon)

David, Dead Palette and Allen are joined by Midnight Marinara VO alumni and snappy dresser (which is important for a podcast) Ben Paddon for this look into a highly-rated story from Creepypasta.com. Is it all it's cracked up to be, or are people just pretending to like it?

Credited to redbullreptar.

Check out (and consider supporting) Ben's "Typecast" Kickstarter at http://tinyurl.com/typecastks.