Nick Barbera

#182 - " Forums"

It's been a long time coming, but Kaela assumes control again as she and Nick Barbera return to the mythos started in David's "Grad Night in the Haunted Mansion" and continued in "The Man with the Cane." What seems to be an innocuous archive of a Disney forum discussion may hide a deeper story, but is it worth digging through, or has David worn the idea into the ground? Do not pull down on the safety bar, please: we will lower it for you.

" Forums" was written by David King. Read along here.

#26 - "The Man with the Cane"

Kaela once again takes over the show to chase the mystery started in David's "Grad Night in the Haunted Mansion" from Disneyland to Walt Disney World, aided by Nick Barbera and now joined by Slimebeast. Does this sequel hold a candle to the original, or is it easily snuffed by ponderous prose?

"The Man with the Cane" was written by David King. You can read along here.

#11 - "Grad Night in the Haunted Mansion"

David is mysteriously AWOL, and with the Haunted Mansion celebrating its 46th anniversary, Kaela tries her hand at running an episode herself, with special guest Nick Barbera. Their topic: "Grad Night in the Haunted Mansion," a Disney Creepypasta... that David wrote! Does it hold up to scrutiny, or is it just another lost soul in the great mire of terrible fiction?