Trent Talk

Closer to God (Halo 09) & Further Down the Spiral (Halo 10)

Two out of two Trent Talk hosts agree that this is the "best ep we've done so far," so hold onto your butt! In episode 9 we listen to entirely too many remixes, both of us deliver some Imprezions, we talk more about Le Pig studios & the murder in Sharon Tate's house and some uncanny coincidences--or are they?!--and we listen to The Cure for a minute.

Ever wonder what Michael McDonald sounds like over some Nine Inch Nails? Wanna know how to pronounce Kashyyyk? Want to listen to us talk about David Lynch films?

We really went off the rails this a good way.

Links to things mentioned in this episode:

The ad in this episode was for Midnight Marinara, which sounds like a lot of fun! Give it a listen!

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