Trent Talk

Convo with Brandon Dusseau of NIN Wiki aka The Trent Talk Talk Disappearance, Part 2

In this very special bonus episode, Clare & Cheya chat with Brandon Dusseau, who created NIN Wiki. (And who happens to be pals with Clare.) This is the nerdiest shit Trent Talk has done so far. Enjoy!

Find Brandon on Twitter @Malechite

Remixes in this episode:

  • Zero Sum [GR3YSP4d3/R3M1X] by GreySpade
  • God Given [Stripped Away] by gregspanislow
  • Another Version of the Truth (Micke Salander's Score Dub) by CitizenWasp
  • My Violent Heart (Child_Incomplete Instrumental) by Alex Suggs
  • Zero Sum (2015 & Still Counting) by jmcfad