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Piggyback Playlist 2: 1992

Clare unveils her piggyback playlist - a contemporary compilation of amazing tunes from 1992 (the VERY YEAR Broken was released.) Cheya as usual reveals his lack of basic musical knowledge.

Tune in to hear Clare's top 5 albums from 1992!

Find the playlist on Spotify or stream it below:

Clare's Top 5 from 1992:

A lot of the same artists were making music in 1992 that we discussed in the 1989 episodes, so this week’s episode isn’t too crazy. 

  • TLC - Oooooh… On the TLC Tip
    The first studio album by TLC, this album talks a lot about sexual themes, safe sex and other socially conscious themes. This album was released in February & reached quadrupal platinum by May. TLC & other R&B music made a pretty large impression on me in the 90s. The sexual themes may have played a large role in how I turned out as an adult… 
  • Beastie Boys - Check Your Head
    The third studio album by Beastie Boys, this album is more stylistically like their punk rock roots. When I found them in college, this album joined Paul’s Boutique as an album I had on rotation often. 
  • Madonna - Erotica
    The fifth studio album by Madonna, she talks about AIDS and taboos in this more serious album than previous releases. This album is also accompanied by her book Sex. Another very sexual production that my father attempted to keep me from enjoying. I enjoyed it very much. 
  • The Cure - Wish
    The ninth studio album by The Cure, more poppy than previous albums, but still pretty dark at times, similar to Disintegration. I put off listening to this album in full until about college (because I assumed it all sounded like Friday I’m In Love) but it quickly became a favorite. 
  • Alice in Chains - Sap/Dirt
    Sap was an EP of 5 acoustic songs that came out before Dirt, their second studio album. Dirt discusses substance abuse in many of the songs. I found these albums in a high school dark room boom box & spent a lot of time developing photos alone and getting engulfed by the angst and self hatred. High school was rough. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Meantime by Helmet, Dirty by Sonic Youth, Spooky by Lush, Hit to Death in the Future Head by The Flaming Lips, New Miserable Experience by The Gin Blossoms, Blind Melon by Blind Melon, Funky Divas by En Vogue, La Sexersisto: Devil Music Volume 1 by White Zombie, Countdown to Distruction by Megadeath Rage Against the Machine by Rage Against the Machine, opiate by Tool… and many more!

Find a complete list of releases & other musical facts from 1992 on Wikipedia.

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