Trent Talk

With Teeth (Halo 19) with Jordan Scott

This week we are joined by fellow Benview Network podcaster Jordan Scott of Nerd's Eye View! Find him on Twitter: @TrueValk

We discuss With Teeth - the album we all expected to hate, but left feeling a little differently.

Clare breaks out her Tig Notaro "Little Suitcase" voice, we find some incredible Trent Reznor fan art, Cheya teaches us about Mondegreens, we mentioned our favorite Icelandic heart throb's career and we make sure not to leave out one of Clare's favorite NIN songs: Home.

"Listen to this episode to find out what means that." -- Cheya describing Mondegreens.

We also tallied our Teeth count at the end and wound up giving this album 18 out of 26 teeth! (17 + an impacted molar.) Not too bad.


Listen to/watch Home here.

Here are those amazing fan art pics we found and discussed:

And a BONUS fan art picture that we just found, by Sasha Softpaw: