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The Downward Spiral (Halo 08) with Gareth Wood

This week we bring to you our longest episode to date: The Downward Spiral!

In episode 8, we are joined by our friend Gareth via Skype to discuss this masterpiece, we deliver some rather strange Imprezions, and we check in with what our Icelandic pal was up to in 1994.

We also talk about our new partnership with the Benview Network! This website that you are viewing RIGHT NOW! WHOOOOAAAAA!

The audio on this one is a little shaky because, long story short: We had everything hooked up as usual, with the addition of a camera to record video. Things got fun and dancey around Big Man With a Gun & we lost control and dropped the Tascam, losing all of the audio. Luckily the audio was recorded nicely through the camera, only sacrificing the levels a little goofed. Otherwise it's a wonderful episode and we're so excited for you to hear it!

Links to things mentioned in this episode:

Music videos of songs from this album:

The ad in this episode was for The Podcast Preview, which Clare loves! Give it a listen!

Below: A couple of screen caps from the video that we shot, and a little teaser for the upcoming video pod ep that...we never did anything with lol. Oops!

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