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We're In This Together (Halo 15)

This week we listen to We're In This Together three more FUCKING TIMES, as well as argue about the merits of The Perfect Drug and try to make our own remixes using Crazy Frog Bros and Sea of Sin by Depeche Mode. Pretty groundbreaking stuff, you guys! Oh, and we begin to discuss The Meathead Perspective, which Clare has been a fan of for far too long, and which she is way too excited to discuss. Buckle up!

Music videos of songs on this album:

Links to things we talked about in this episode:

Clare's favorite relevant bits from The Meathead Perspective, this week:

Moving forward, we hope to talk about The Meathead Perspective on the regular! Look forward to that! (And feel free to read some of the posts that aren't mentioned under "1999".)

The ads in this podcast are for Extra Damagecast and Benview on Spielberg. Also, special Happy Birthday shoutout to Matt Benson of Benview Network! 

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