Trent Talk

Pretty Hate Machine (Halo 02)

This week we get into a full length album & discuss Pretty Hate Machine! We also hear Imprezions, How Much Angst and a new segment... (which is a surprise!) Cheya even cooked up a couple new sound drops for your listening pleasure. 

Learn a little bit about who Trent recorded with in the early days, and about him going on tour to promote this album & how the first taste of fame felt "overwhelming." Also hear excerpts from Louder Than Hell and an early interview Trent did with (some idiot on) MTV to promote his album. 

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Music videos of songs from this album:

Links to things mentioned in the video:

Below: Oli sleeps on Cheya's guitar case & we drink our liquid courage out of a cup that seems a little in line with the theme of the album we discuss. 

And! As mentioned, here is the photo of Bowie & Björk, along with a photo of Bowie and Trent (from a video that we'll discuss further down the road), because why not? They're all adorable and Bowie deserves a mention all the time!

If you're asking yourself why we included a photo of Björk to this week's blog post then you'll have to give this episode a listen to find out.

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