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Below is every episode of Trent Talk, in a more orderly fashion for all of your perusing & listening needs. 


Down In It (Halo 01)
Pretty Hate Machine (Halo 02)
Head Like a Hole (Halo 03)
Sin (Halo 04)
Broken (Halo 05)
Fixed (Halo 06)
March of the Pigs (Halo 07)
The Downward Spiral (Halo 08)
The Downward Spiral Deluxe Edition (Halo 08DE)
Closer to God (Halo 09)
Further Down the Spiral (Halo 10)
The Perfect Drug (Halo 11)
Closure (Halo 12)
The Day The World Went Away (Halo 13)
The Fragile, Left (Halo 14)
The Fragile, Right (Halo 14) 
We're In This Together (Halo 15)
Things Falling Apart (Halo 16)
And All That Could Have Been, live (Halo 17) 
And All That Could Have Been, Still (Halo 17) 
The Hand That Feeds (Halo 18)
With Teeth (Halo 19)
Only (Halo 20)
Everyday Is Exactly The Same (Halo 21)
Beside You In Time, DVD (Halo 22)
Survivalism (Halo 23)
Year Zero (Halo 24)
Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D (Halo 25)
Ghosts, I & II (Halo 26)
Ghosts, III & IV (Halo 26)
The Slip (Halo 27)
Hesitation Marks (Halo 28)
Not The Actual Events (Halo 29)
The Fragile Deviations (Halo 30) - coming soon!
Add Violence (Halo 31) - coming soon!


The Social Network (Null 1)
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Null 2)
Gone Girl


A Drowning (Sigil 1)
How To Destroy Angels (Sigil 2)
An Omen (Sigil 3)
Welcome Oblivion (Sigil 4) - coming soon!


Juno (Video)
Convo with Brandon Dusseau of NIN Wiki
The Inevitable Rise & Liberation of NiggyTardust

Misc. Episodes:

Piggyback Playlist 1: 1989
Piggyback Playlist 2: 1992
Piggyback Playlist 3: 1994
All Up In Your Grill (Memorial Day 2016 Special)
Tribute to David Bowie
Cornell Chat: A Goodbye To Grunge Dad Chris Cornell
FYF & Panorama Discussion with Jesse Sielhan

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