Trent Talk

The Hand That Feeds (Halo 18)

We're back and ready to party! What better way to party than by starting this episode off with a drinking game? Clare is sick once more, so let's have some fun: Every time she has a muffled cough, we take a drink. Every time she coughs loudly, like an idiot, we take a shot. Ready your bevs and let's get started.

We discuss The Hand That Feeds for a while, we mention a little of Trent's personal history that we only skirted over in the past, in greater detail, we discuss a current copyright infringement petition that Trent is a part of, and we close out the show listening to a track we really love by a band that's not Nine Inch Nails. 


Watch the music video for The Hand That Feeds!

Clare also promised to send a link to what purslane is, so here's that.