Trent Talk

March of the Pigs (Halo 07)

In this episode, Clare and Cheya discuss March of the Pigs, the first single off of the landmark NIN album Downward Spiral.

Listen in as Cheya performs interpretive dance, Clare illuminates a Midwestern vice, and the similarities between Trent and Björk keep stacking up. This week we also recorded on Periscope, @clareeewolf where we fielded some live comments. (Sadly the Periscope feeds expire after 24 hours so you have until about 4pm PST on 3/14/16 to watch it.)

We mentioned a few fun things in this episode, so here are some links if you would like to check them out:

Here's a screen grab from our Periscope during the moment that we first heard Skinny Puppy: