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FYF & Panorama Recap with Jesse Seilhan

In this episode our pal Jesse Seilhan from Extra Damagecast is back to discuss Nine Inch Nails' FYF performance with us. We compare and contrast the FYF experience with the Panorama experience & go through the setlist describing how we felt about the choices they made. 

We also talk mad shit about someone's terrible Vulture interview questions, which sparked talking shit about someone's Medium/Mel Magazine writeup. For audio in this episode we used the live show at Panorama, as they were so kind as to post that entire performance to YouTube (and the setlist was the same as FYF.) Links below!

Come for the NIN chat & stay to hear us banter on way too long about the Aftershock & Riot Fest lineups, nibiru, our opinion on Friends and Firefly, & more!


Notes & corrections of things said in the episode:

  • Jesse said he was with us for Fixed, but he was actually with us for Things Falling Apart
  • Trent was DOLPHINATELY wearing the leather jacket & shades in the beginning of FYF too. IDK what these men are talking about. 
  • Though we eventually correct this in the episode, the "Vanity Fair" article that we keep mentioning is actually a Vulture article, posted above. 
  • We breezed over discussing Hand That Feeds & Head Like A Hole, but they play in the background so you can have a taste of them. 

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