Trent Talk

Only (Halo 20) & Everyday Is Exactly The Same (Halo 21)

This week we discuss the singles Only & Everyday Is Exactly The Same, two albums that have a lot of the same songs on them. Too many remixes. 

We also discuss seeing Marilyn Manson live (lol), Slayer, Guns N Roses (and their horrible album titles), and Ren & Stimpy. Because why not? Oh, and Clare gives you a trip hop lesson (which I feel like we've done before, but we love talking about this shit so, buckle up and let us tell you again.) 


Music videos from songs on these albums:

Link to things we mentioned in this episode:

Speaking of spaghetti, check out this week's recommended podcast Midnight Marinara

We're on new audio equipment, so pardon Clare's vocals being too loud (as usual, though.) Enjoy this experimental ride that we're on!

*Clare said that the timing for the vocals in this performance was different from the album version, but it's definitely not. It just sounded that way in her headphones. Sorry for being a dingus.

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