Comic Nerds Unite

Uniting nerds together from all walks of life to talk comic books like a bunch of bosses. Comic Nerds Unite is a weekly comic book review podcast. Hosted by Marc Bolton, Kent Wagenschutz, and Tim van Autreve, we break down a major comic book story and also talk about some books that we read that week. Our goal, our mission, is to unite like-minded comic nerds to chat, think, and breathe comics and love them with all our geeky hearts. From the Silver Age to Marvel Now!, from New 52 to Indie comics, we cover it all. Marc and Tim review current comic books, the classics of yesteryear, graphic novels, and trade paperbacks. While talking about comics, they spill into al realms of geek culture like comic book movies, books, and TV shows.
So, if you love sequential art, check out Comic Nerds Unite. Skottie Young, Drew Browne, and Jeremiah Lambert are frequent guest hosts.

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