David King

A lifelong storyteller, sometimes actor, all-around nerd and snappy dresser, David King graduated from CSULB with a degree in Creative Writing and quickly dove into the world of new media. He is the creator and producer of the award-winning podcast Midnight Marinara, its spinoff, Undercooked Analysis., and Animusings. He has written for Pick Your Path and been a frequent guest on Nerd's Eye View. David is also known for his collaborative work with video-game-musical-parody group Random Encounters, where he has starred alongside YouTube sensations Markiplier, NatewantstoBattle, Dodger and MatPat.

David only discloses that he lives along some stretch of California coastline, and when he's not writing short fiction or working on his novel about pirates he's moving through the shadows on foggy nights, only glimpsed fleetingly.


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