Brendan Creecy

Brendan Creecy is the co-host of the Radio BrendoMan, Pop Sickles, and MBWS podcasts. He started podcasting in 2004 while he was teaching English at a university in Harbin, China. He has also been blogging at since 2002 and is the co-writer of the long running webcomic Brax The Alien Rocker which he created with his best friend and Radio BrendoMan co-host Phil Vecchio. The duo also run an independent record label,, which they have produced and released albums for since 2000.

Brendan, also known as Brendo and BrendoMan, previously was a co-host of Bagged and Boarded on the Smodcast Network. He was also the doorman and stage assistant at Kevin Smith's Smodcastle during the glorious year of its existence. Originally from San Diego, he now lives in Yucaipa, California and watches way too much wrestling and teen melodramas.

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Pop Sickles (Podcast)

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