The Pillagecast

Emily Shmemily

Episode 67 - Robocop Theme Park

This week on The Pillagecast, we read an email, talk about Detroit, Mars, cop car killing tractors, taxes, Joss Whedon, and more! Special guest Matt Benson joins the show, and Phil does the show from his orchard! AMAZING.

Be sure to check out Benson's Boombox for more Matty B, and check out Radio Brendo for Phil's other podcast. Check out Extra Damage for Josh's video game podcast, and for Gates, I don't know, google "Bilderberg Group" or something.

Special Episode - Wondercon Part 1

The Pillagecast goes to Wondercon in a very special episode! Fellow Podcasters Matt Benson from Benson's Boombox and Brendoman from Pop Sickles join us to talk about what we have seen and done! Phil is back to tell us about his weird dreams, Star Wars gets dicussed, some rants are heard, and more! And we even have poor audio quality, so you know it's authentic!

Episode 44 - Holiday Spectactular!

Join us for our holiday episode, full of festive craziness! Listen as Josh talks about Christmas films, Gates hates on trees, and special guest Matt Benson helps fill the gap that Phil leaves as he is off celebrating his birthday!

Happy birthday Phil! I got you this podcast.

Stay tuned next week as we talk about our year in review, where we forget almost everything that happened this year!

Episode 34 - Nic Cage is a Highlander!

With Gates out of the picture this week, Josh takes the show OFF THE RAILS and finally talks about all the important things, like Nic Cage, Doctor Who, crazy food stories, missing car keys, murdering the blind, Avartarland, hanging with corpses, and more! Special guest Ish Plata joins the show to participate, and Dr. Matt Benson fills in for the ailing Gates. It's a show SO INSANE THAT TRYING TO DESCRIBE IT HAS MADE ME INSANE.

Episode 22 - Listener Harder!

It's time for another Listener episode! We get some great questions and comments, talk about the middlebrow, discuss 400 year old robots, smelly TVs, answer some emails, and Gates shows us a little more of his GatesHate! It's incredible! Special Guest from last week Matt Benson hangs out with us to supply some live listener feedback, and we have a great time.

I am not going to lie to you, the ending of this show might be our best ever. You need to check it out!

Episode 21 - The End of Superheros

Ready for another show? This week, we talk about superhero movies, lasers, kidneys and iPads, and more with special guest Matt Benson! Join us, or forever wonder what your life could have been like!

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Episode 11 - The Beardcast

Get ready for another Pillagecast, now with 72% more beard! Join the guys as they speak on China vs Top Gun, Generation Y-you-hatin?, alien movies, Conan, karate chops, and more! Gates gets yelled at, the most ridiculous email is read, and Phil talks about his stupid orchard again. Also, listen to special guest Matt Benson and his magnficent beard! You can check out Matt on Benson's Boombox, which you can find on Ustream or Facebook.

Interested in that sweet 8-bit music you hear during the show? That is generously provided by Alex Mauer. He has free music on his site, and it is excellent. So check it out!

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