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Hope you are ready to talk about The Avengers, cause that is what we are doing for about this whole show! Josh puts on a robot suit to fight Bigfoot, Phil throws a shield of facts, Gates plays a long con, and special guest Brendoman SMASHES! Join us for a Hulk sized episode!

WARNING! If you have not seen The Avengers yet, there may be some slight spoilers in this episode. Just thought I would let you know!

Also, be sure to hit us up at if you want to yell at us for any reason, really.

Special Episode - Wondercon Part 1

The Pillagecast goes to Wondercon in a very special episode! Fellow Podcasters Matt Benson from Benson's Boombox and Brendoman from Pop Sickles join us to talk about what we have seen and done! Phil is back to tell us about his weird dreams, Star Wars gets dicussed, some rants are heard, and more! And we even have poor audio quality, so you know it's authentic!

Episode 12: The Sordid History of Saved by the Bell

After last time's crime-against-nature, you will be relieved to know that The Pillagecast Proper is back! Join the guys as they discuss fiction character fights, tractors going crazy, drunk babies, and the death of DVD! Also, Gates attempts to shame Josh with a gross accusation, but instead peels back a terrifying layer of neurosis in Josh that he CAN'T HANDLE!

Also, special guest and show favorite Brendoman joins the show to tell us all about the beginings of Saved By the Bell! Check out Brendoman's regular podcast Pop Sickles for a weekly dose of him, and check out his own site for even more goodness!

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Alex Mauer

The Devious Means

Episode 7 - Pillagecast Super Bowl Super Show!

Anyone ask for a Live Super Bowl inspired episode of The Pillagecast? No? Well, too bad cause you are getting it anyways! The show is live on location and we bring in some old special guests for the fun! Find out what the Super Bowl offered this year, and which commercials were not that great! Plus we talk movies, R.L. Stine, and Ball Pits with Bagged and Boarded's own Brendoman! And show friend Jeff fills us in on the trans fat content of Doritos (Spoiler: It's high). All this and another Apocalypse Talk on this episode of The Pillagecast!