The Pillagecast

Episode 11 - The Beardcast

Get ready for another Pillagecast, now with 72% more beard! Join the guys as they speak on China vs Top Gun, Generation Y-you-hatin?, alien movies, Conan, karate chops, and more! Gates gets yelled at, the most ridiculous email is read, and Phil talks about his stupid orchard again. Also, listen to special guest Matt Benson and his magnficent beard! You can check out Matt on Benson's Boombox, which you can find on Ustream or Facebook.

Interested in that sweet 8-bit music you hear during the show? That is generously provided by Alex Mauer. He has free music on his site, and it is excellent. So check it out!

As always, hit us up on twitter, the username is @pillagecast, and send us email