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Andrew Linde

Podcast Advocates at Comic Con Palm Springs 2017

Podcast Advocates takes Comic Con Palm Springs by storm with a stacked panel including Murray Valeriano (Road Stories); Cheryl Jones (Movies Made Me); Brock Powell, Curtis Waugh, Sean Keller (UnPOP Podcast); Brendan Creecy (Mr. Brendo's Wrestling Show, Radio Brendoman), Andrew Linde (Super Mario Bros. Minute, Nothing New: A Remake Podcast); and Phil and Janelle Vecchio (Mandarian Orange Show, Alex P. Keaton is My Friend).
Recorded live from Comic Con Palm Springs 2017.
Brendan Creecy, Andrew Linde, Murray Valeriano, and Cheryl Jones listen in as another panelist gives advice. (Andrew Linde/Instagram)

Brendan Creecy, Andrew Linde, Murray Valeriano, and Cheryl Jones listen in as another panelist gives advice. (Andrew Linde/Instagram)

Webcomics Advocates at Comic Con Revolution 2017

Andrew Linde (shut up, leonard; Nerd's Eye View) moderates this panel that encourages everyone to go out and make a webcomic. Featuring panelists Eddie deAngelini (Collectors) and Patrick Scullin (Super Siblings, I Speak Nerd) and recorded live May 13, 2017 at Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, CA.

Benview Megacast: Wondercon 2016

The hosts of various Benview Network shows combine forces once again as they meet up at Wondercon 2016, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. They talk about panels they saw at Wondercon, talk about upcoming shows to the network, and reveal their role in Comic Con Palm Springs!

Movies Made Me - Episode 18: Los Angeles Podcast Festival, Part 2 of 2, featuring Leonard Maltin & Marc Maron

Benview Network cofounders Matt Benson and Andrew Linde appear on this special episode of Movies Made Me, recorded at L.A. Podfest 2015.

Welcome to the second of two special episodes recorded at the Audible presents Los Angeles Podcast Festival, which took place at the Sofitel hotel in Beverly Hills, CA, Sept. 18-20, 2015. We thoroughly enjoyed attending the festival and speaking with our fellow podcasters, as well as seeing all the fans who attended live episode recordings by some of the biggest names in the industry. Make your plans now for next year’s L.A. Podcast Festival and don’t miss this terrific event!

We chatted with our fellow podcasters in the SquareSpace Podcasting Lab throughout the festival weekend, and each guest was asked to tell us about one film that influenced them to be who they are. In this episode, you’ll hear from:

Augie Lopez, host of The Late Night Early Morning Show on the Bound Network
Espree Devora, host of We Are LA Tech
Leonard Maltin, film critic, host of Maltin on Movies, and author of TCM Presents Leonard Maltin’s Classic Film Guide: From the Silent Era Through 1965 (3rd edition)
Aaron Brodkin, host of What the Pod F Bang Bang
Andrew Linde, host of Shut Up, Leonard and Nerds Eye View, producer of Pick Your Path on the Benview Network
Matt Benson, host of Benview on Spielberg on the Benview Network
Will Runyon Jr, producer of Lake Kinnikinnick
Alexandra August, host of GoT Thrones?
Rob Walch, host of Today in iOS and VP Podcaster Relations for Libsyn
Marc Maron, host of WTF with Marc Maron and star of IFC’s Maron
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Did you miss our first episode from the Los Angeles Podcast Festival? Listen to episode 16, featuring Greg Proops and Todd Glass now!

Join us again November 16 for episode 19, featuring actor Clancy Brown (“The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension,” “Highlander,” “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Spongebob Squarepants”).

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Thank You Internet: Ep 5: Andrew Linde, Podcaster from the Benview Network

Andrew Linde (Nerd's Eye View, Pick Your Path, shut up, leonard) was a guest on Thank You Internet!

It's a podcast about podcasts! Who would think of that? (A lot of people actually). Today we're talking to Andrew Linde, host of Nerd's Eye View, Shut Up Leonard, and producer of the Benview Network. We talk about his journey in podcasting, and a lot about his new show Pick Your Path, a choose-your-own-adventure style story podcast! Plus our youtube picks that you can just listen to!

This episode originally appeared as episode 5 of Thank You Internet.

Benview Megacast: SDCC 2015

The Benview Megacast is a semi-annual gathering of various hosts from around the Benview Network usually when they meet up at conventions. This was recorded at San Diego Comic Con International 2015. Check out Chris’ comedy sketch group The Dream Team on Youtube or Facebook.
Shows represented: Benson’s Boombox, Midnight Marinara, Nerd’s Eye View, Pick Your Path, Pop Sickles, Radio Brendoman, and shut up, leonard.
  • 00:00:38 - Wednesday Recap
    • Featuring Derick Armijo, Matt Benson, Brendan Creecy, Chris Gutierrez, and Andrew Linde.
  • 01:01:43 - Thursday Recap
    • Featuring Derick Armijo, Matt Benson, Brendan Creecy, Chris Gutierrez, David King, Andrew Linde, and Phil Vecchio.
  • 01:08:47 - Friday Recap (Benson’s Boombox Takeover)
    • Featuring Matt Benson, Chris Gutierrez, and David King.
  • 01:30:41 - Saturday Recap
    • Featuring Matt Benson, David King, and Andrew Linde.

Benview Megacast: WonderCon 2015

Andrew Linde met up with Derick Armijo, Kaela Berry, Brendan Creecy, David King, and Phil Vecchio during Anaheim WonderCon. Hear their thoughts on the event and more!

Shows Represented:

Matt and Brendo's Wrestling Show

Midnight Marinara

Nerd's Eye View

Picture Start


Pop Sickles

Radio Brendoman

shut up, leonard


This is Not a Film: LA Podfest Special (2014)

This is Not a Film is a podcast hosted by David W. Spencer and Heather MacHale. This episode features interviews with other podcasters live from the 2014 L.A. Podfest. Benview Network co-creator and host of shut up, leonard and Nerd's Eye View Andrew Linde is interviewed around 55:36.

You can find This is Not a Film on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe on iTunes. David W. Spencer is also on Twitter.

This episode originally appeared as This is Not a Film, episode 14.

Benview Megacast: SDCC 2014

Join Josh Anderson, Derick Armijo, Matt Benson, Brendan Creecy, David King, Andrew Linde, Nathan Schulz, and Phil Vecchio as they talk about their experiences from SDCC 2014 while they're still there!

Shows represented: Benson's Boombox, Matt and Brendo's Wrestling Show, Nerd's Eye View, Extra Damage, Pop Sickles, Picture Start, Radio Brendoman, and Midnight Marinara.

Find Nathan Schulz on Agents of Guard!

This episode comes from Radio Brendoman #130.

Benview Megacast: WonderCon 2014

Join Josh Anderson, Derick Armijo, Matt Benson, Brendan Creecy, Ryan Gates, Chris Hayner, David King, Andrew Linde, and Phil Vecchio as they talk about WonderCon Anaheim 2014.

Shows represented: Extra Damage, Picture Start, Benson's Boombox, Pop Sickles, Pillagecast, Midnight Marinara, Nerd's Eye View, Radio Brendoman; and shut up, leonard.

You can find Chris Hayner at

This episode comes from Radio Brendoman #119.

Benview Megacast: SDCC 2013

Join Josh Anderson, Derick Armijo, Matt Benson, Brendan Creecy, R.W. Gates, Andrew Linde, Ish Plata, and Phil Vecchio as they talk about SDCC 2013 as they are experiencing it!

Shows represented: Pop Sickles, Benson's Boombox, Radio Brendoman, Pillagecast, Nerd's Eye View; and shut up, leonard.

This episode comes from Radio Brendoman #81.