The Pillagecast

Episode 79 - Wizard Beards

More Pillagecast means more ridiculous! Lets get real with some wizard talk, mouth peeing turtles, chicken wing thefts, movies, Pluto, never ending games of tag, and an incredibly short Phil Fact! Gates talks about old movies, special guest Jesse lets us know about retail tracking, and Josh nails down what bugs him about Star Wars! All this plus some plugs! WHAT A DEAL

Episode 74 - SHARKNATO

This week on The Pillagecast, we finally talk about Disney buying Lucasfilm, Gates insults all political parties, Phil tells us about James Bond and states leaving the Union, and Josh bitches ENDLESSLY about good things that everyone likes and he is totally a lame elitist jerkbag.

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Episode 67 - Robocop Theme Park

This week on The Pillagecast, we read an email, talk about Detroit, Mars, cop car killing tractors, taxes, Joss Whedon, and more! Special guest Matt Benson joins the show, and Phil does the show from his orchard! AMAZING.

Be sure to check out Benson's Boombox for more Matty B, and check out Radio Brendo for Phil's other podcast. Check out Extra Damage for Josh's video game podcast, and for Gates, I don't know, google "Bilderberg Group" or something.