Pick Your Path is on the Benview Network

A new podcast in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure novels has joined the Benview Network. Pick Your Path is a scripted podcast unlike any other. Listeners will be able to make choices as they listen, much like the CYOA novels of your childhood. The first episode will be available for download on May 1st.

Episodes will be released monthly and the first season will consist of six episodes. The first adventure is called Don't Blow Up the Universe! and is written by Matt Benson. Benson is the co-creator of the Benview Network and hosts Benview on Spielberg; shut up, leonard; and Pop Sickles among others. Andrew Linde of Nerd's Eye View and David King of the award winning Midnight Marinara are also writing episodes.

“I definitely wanted the player character to be eaten by a dinosaur,” Benson said of Don’t Blow Up the Universe!. “I think it will become clear in my first episode that I love time travel.”

Each episode will be an enhanced podcast, which means that the audio file is broken into chapters. Currently, the Podcasts app on the iOS store supports enhanced podcasts. Most podcast apps on Android devices don't support enhanced podcasts, but each episode will be available for download at BenviewNetwork.com/PYP and an audiobook file will be available at BenviewNetwork.com/Audiobook. Linde suggests that Android users download the VLC Player app to listen.

What’s Next?

The second episode is called You are an Agent of C.R.A.S.H. and will be written by Linde. It will be available for download on June 1st.

“One of my favorite CYOA books is Your Codename is Jonah, which is a spy story,” Linde said. “I think each of us wrote about what we love in CYOA books first.”

Theme Park Paragon is the title of the third episode of Pick Your Path and will be available on July 1st.

Because I played a lot of Rollercoaster Tycoon as a kid, one thing that always amused me was the way people got sick after riding the thrill rides and, well, making a mess on the paths of your park,” King said of his story. “That was one little nod I needed to make sure came up in the story.”