Come Together, Star Wars Nerds Unite

Tim Van Autreve from Comic Nerds Unite has spun off a new podcast called Star Wars Nerds Unite, featuring his wife Jennifer and their friend Josh Mason. This new podcast is inspired by the founding of a new canon of Star Wars with the Marvel comic and the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    “As a boy, I would catch Star Wars on the Sunday matinees on television,” Van Autreve said. “In Junior High, I bravely carried around the first Star Wars X-Wing book by Michael Stackpole. Back then, I was at serious risk of being beaten up for showing my nerdiness. That book was like a homing beacon for other like-minded nerds.”

Josh Mason is one of those like-minded nerds. Mason counts Wedge Antilles as his favorite minor character in the Star Wars universe. Wedge Antilles is the main character of the X-Wing series.

Tim Van Autreve’s wife, Jennifer, is no beginner when it comes to fighting in space. “Sci-fi has always been my favorite genre of books and movies,” she said. Tim introduced her to some podcasts he listened to which were hosted by Kevin Smith. Tim was inspired by Smith’s speeches to start his first podcast, Comic Nerds Unite.

Star Wars Nerds Unite is featured on the Benview Network and the Retro Junkies Network. The podcast also has a twitter account, @StarWarsNU.