Ryan North to be a guest on Comic Nerds Unite!

Comic writer Ryan North will appear as a guest on episode 67 of Comic Nerds Unite(CNU). He is the writer for Marvel's The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, a new monthly titled started in January. North may be most famous on the internet for his webcomic Dinosaur Comics.

"Dinosaur Comics was my first exposure to Ryan North," CNU host Tim Van Autreve said. "I have seen his web comic for many years and it's always blown me away with how funny and underground feeling it is." Van Autreve would love to see North team up with frequent CNU guest Skottie Young (Rocket Racoon) to create an original comic.

CNU host Marc Bolton first became aware of North's work with the first volume of the Adventure Time comic. Bolton and Van Autreve are looking forward to North's upcoming Bill and Ted comic with artist Ian McGinty.

Comic Nerds Unite is a weekly comic book podcast on the Benview Network.