Raygun Readers Episode 43: 95643.03: We're baaaaaaaAAAAAaaack (and not dead).

We usher in 2018 (belatedly) with submissions from two wonderful authors and friends of the channel.

"Late Night Prius Drive" by Knadire: http://toospooky.com/creepypasta/late-night-prius-drive-(old)/ (read with permission)

"Allochory" by Augustus Rockefeller: https://www.reddit.com/user/AugustusRockefeller (narrated with permission)

Hosts: Papreeka, Abysmii

Edited by Abysmii

Music by Abysmii

Art by Beth Morton: https://knadow-the-hechidna.deviantart.com/

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(C) Abysmii 2017